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Recorded TV library not cleaning/updating after Auto-Organize


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Thank you to all that read/assist me with this:


I have the Auto-Organize feature setup to monitor my Recorded TV folder...and after each recording it properly moves these shows (and deletes the empty folders) over to my UnRaid Server.  The issue i'm then running into is that the "Recorded TV" section of Emby doesn't get updated...meaning it still thinks the recently recorded shows are still in my Recorded TV Folder on my desktop.   I've tried the "Clean Database" under the Scheduled Task section thinking that might help, and that doesn't fix my issue.


My only fix right now is to go into the Emby App, Recorded TV section, click into each show and then delete.




Thoughts or potential solutions?



Thank you for your time,



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...prompt response, thank you.


So I found and checked the box you recommend.   removed the monitored path from the auto-organize.   


did a test recording and the file moved properly yet the Recorded TV section - latest recordings, still thinks the file is there.



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