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Merge Artist and People


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I have many cases where I have musical artist who are also actors in movies. Right now there are two entries for these people which are not linked (e.g. going to the people entry does not show music / going to the artist entry does not show movies). It would be nice to have these two views of the same person merged. Some examples which I am aware of where this occurs:

  • Christina Aguilera
  • Common
  • Justin Timberlake
  • Prince
  • T.I.
  • will.i.am
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it's a nice idea but we don't have any precise way of linking them, other than just their names

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The only thing we have is a name so there is no such thing as a duplicate.  It would just be the same person - as long as it is spelled exactly the same.

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Sorry, to be a little more clear (but you already answered the question) I was referring to people who had the same name, for example:



Apparently, they have at least 17 entries for the name Jason Alexander (the primary one being the actor from Seinfeld) so I assume that he would show up in every case that someone named Jason Alexander did something in a Movie or TV Show.


The reason I was curious was because of Luke's statement - while there are metadata IDs associated with the People entries, the Movie or TV show is linked by the name anyway. If a client wanted to implement this, in the Artist page you could have a People look-up and in the People page you could have an Artist look-up. If it returns something, drop in an optional module displaying the info. I haven't looked at any of that JSON but the "proper" way would be to add that key:list pair to the appropriate place from the server to avoid two hits on the server. But that would require the association in the database or the same double look-up, just internal this time.


I like (and Liked) the idea, so I was just thinking through the implementation. I'm not sure I like it enough to mess with it in my own personal Vaadin client! But if you guys find an easy way to do it, by all means.

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