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Is MadVR worth it for non-anime content?


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Hi folks,


On my HTPC, I'm currently using MB3/MBC using MPC-HC as the external player. I'm using the default LAV splitter & LAV AV filters and things look pretty good. My only "complaint" is that I wish I could get SD content ripped from DVDs to be a bit cleaner. The fundamental problem is that this content is 720x480 and I'm scaling it up to 1080p and watching it on a 60" plasma TV. I understand there's no substitute for a high resolution source.


That all being said... outside of the Anime world, so speaking for live action TV series, is there much real world benefit from using MadVR on regular old DVD TV series?  I've set up a sandbox on my desktop PC, eventually figuring out that I had to use the 32 bit version of MPC-HC to use MadVR, and it's working fine, but I don't see much difference between MadVR and plain old default renderer settings on my 24" LDC monitor.  Certainly not enough to set anything special up on the HTPC. But, MadVR has a lot of settings and configurations, and maybe there is some magic bullet in there that would give me tangible benefits if I took the time to configure it.


Before bothering with that, I figured I'd seek input from the folks here who probably have more experience with this and could offer their wisdom. Does anyone here use MadVR, for non-anime content, and see a significant benefit from it? And if so, what configurations do you use?


Thanks in advance!



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