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New Episodes Not Being Recorded


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I'm running beta - Version 3.0.5724.3


Everything was working fine, then I noticed this week that new episodes of my shows aren't recording. When I checked the "scheduled" tab, much to my surprise there wasn't much(There wasn't House Hunters International - it was added then I realized I had an issue):




As you can see, "Review" is not scheduled...I went into the guide and scheduled it but when I did it seemed like I was scheduling it for the first time as the "record series" was unchecked, etc. I scheduled it and when I went back to series there was two series scheduled.



I did not check all the days thinking that was maybe part of the issue. I then went back to scheduled and checked for the Review...



Now you can see it's scheduled.


This is the case with all of my shows, I'm removing each series now and re-adding and there starting to re-appear in scheduled.


Before I remove and re-add I'm going to reboot my computer, I've already tried rebooting the server and it hasn't made a difference.


Any suggestions? I'll grab logs and attach if I have them.




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This is same behavior I experience as well.  It's like when the series is added, it grabs the current guide data and schedules the recordings based on the time frame available, but then never schedules the episodes for recording as the guide is refreshed with new data and time stamps over a longer period of time.

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This is resolved for the next release. A workaround in the meantime is either to use the dev server, or perhaps a simpler way is just to drill into the series recording properties, click save, and that should trigger it to update and schedule the new recordings.

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Thanks for the fast reply and welcome!  I'll absolutely describe it in detail using the link you provided.  This thread pretty much sums it up though.

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