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Cant Stream Locally From Yatse When Using Emby for Kodi


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Guest burcs

How many users does emby currently have? Multiply that by 100, that still isn't any incentive? Never mind the word of mouth advertising and exponential growth that would come when the bugs are worked out. I paid $5 for the Plex app and regret it. But at this rate I'll probably have to end going back to it.


And it's just the little things. The little things that once you realize how kodi/yatse do it any other way of doing it makes no sense.


I can start any episode or movie, then select another and "add to queue"., and it will automatically add it to the current playlist. In emby, I have to "create" a playlist. Even if it's just a single letter and hit enter, it's still annoying. And now I have a playlist I have to deal with later. I can even just select the first episode and "play all" and it automatically creates a playlist that I don't have to manage at all. Again, it's stupidly inconsequential, but it just makes you wonder why anyone would bother doing it any other way.


Subtitles. There doesn't appear to be any way to turn subtitles off in emby. I like to download subs, not because I'm hard of hearing, but more for late night viewing when I have the volume down. Or because diction and elocution have become a lost art in modern cinema and I can't understand a word some of these slack-jawed actors are saying. But I bring up the subtitle menu in emby and it just shows me the current sub, with no way to toggle it off. I also don't see any way of changing the format. Fire up kodi and download a subtitle and that's how they should look. Simple, non-serif font, with either an outline or drop shadow, no "background". Simple, sleek, elegant. Even if you set the default to "off", if you toggle it on there's no way to turn it back off.


Chromecast. "Disconnect" does nothing. It should take me back to the CC slideshow, but instead just stays at an emby screen burning the logo into my screen. Even when emby starts its own slideshow, the logo in the center never moves which again, will eventually burn an image into the screen if left on long enough. I have to fire up the CC app and "cast screen" to get it to disconnect.


That's just a few of things that bug me. Most of the time my desktop is hooked directly to my receiver/tv and I use kodi. Right now I'm having to cast to a CC from my laptop using emby and it's just...maddening. Mostly because it could be so awesome. Basically I want "kodi + transcoding". Or if the yatse app could control an emby server the same way it does kodi, that would be amazing, too.


And there's a lot about kodi I'm not thrilled with either. And I couldn't code my way out of a paper bag, so I absolutely appreciate the monumental undertaking it's been to get both platforms to where they are now. And I get how shitty it is to complain about any of it. But being so close to perfect makes the small imperfections stand out even more. I mean, how dare you provide me with completely free software and not make it work exactly how I expect or want it to work?!

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