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Google Drive Playback 'Please Help'


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Hi All, 


I am really hoping that somebody can help me out. I have a VPS set up and tbh the spec is pretty low so i wanted to upload my media to my VPS and then sync to google drive. Once synced to google drive, 'The Plan' was to get emby to only allow playback of google drive links.


I have managed to get everything set up and whilst at work today i was testing everything from the office and everything was working perfectly. For those that dont know how i achieved this i done the following:


1. synced all my media to google drive with the following criteria. 

    a. Set profile to baseline

    b. quality to custom

    c. MBps set to 30mbps


2. I then set the playback setting under User Settings > Playback to 30MBps

3. I set the maximum bitrate Dashboard > Playback > Streaming to 100MBps

4. Disabled playback of media that requires transcoding in the user account settings. 


(I think that was everything)


Now with this setup i managed to play back the media in a Google chrome browser and every time it played perfectly from Google Drive. 


I came home two hours later and now it wont play from Google Drive :/ I am also using the Kodi Addon (Wrong place to mention it i know) and that wint play a stream full stop. I know plenty of people have mentioned streaming from google and stuff like that but i am really keen to get this to work, there doesn't seem to be a lot of talk about it and if anyone can help me i would greatly appreciate it.


Starting to feel like i am going around in circles. 


Any help. from anyone would be a lifeline.





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I feel like i am missing something. Is there a reason why nobody is viewing or responding to my post? Am i posting in the wrong place? am i talking about something i shouldn't :/

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