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FR: Kodi local DBs path update instead of full resync on addon setting change


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I'm not sure if this is possible but I think it worth bringing up the idea.


Every time that we made a change on the Emby addon settings (server address, use of local paths) that involves a path change for media in Kodi internal DBs, a DB reset/resync is required.


How complex or even possible is to instead of doing that, the addon will just change the paths on Kodi DB by executing a SQL query against them as is documented on Kodi wiki site for a library path change?

This will require sqlite3 binary on Kodi, that I'm not sure is always there (like in OpenELEC or other Kodi distros).


I did this in the path and to be honest it worked like a charm everytime. The advantage I see is that we will save the time it takes for a full resync on huge libraries with low end devices like RPi. Another benefit is that it will reduce the load on the server since it would not be needed at all.


Just my two cents.



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Yes - the intent is that once we get to a stable DB we will 'upgrade' existing dbs instead of a complete re-do - however we have been changing too rapidly to justify the additional work.  Maybe after the next stable.  Note that we will NOT sign up to offer this on betas - at least not all the time/right away.

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