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Can't open/see individual photos


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Hi there,


I installed the emby plugin in openmediavault (2.1.8) (debian wheezy 7.8) on my HP N40L (8 GB) (details seen in the following pics) and I'm quite impressed :-)





One thing is bothering me: I can open on my "photos" and see all my indexed albums. When I click on one specific album, I see the following:




When I point on an individual photo and click on the dots and then on "metadata info" I see




So far, so good. Even when I click on "phoito info" I get, what I expect:55d5eafaeb103_photoinfo.jpg


But when I click on the photo right from the album view, I get a (nearly) blank screen (even after waiting minutes, although wired through 1 gigabit).




I can not see any corresponding entries within the logfile.


So what can I do?


Any helpful recommendations are quiet welcome.


Thanks in advance.


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Can't solve your problem but I'm running Emby on a very simlar setup and I am seeing similar behaviour; I've also noticed that displaying photos and generating thumbnails absolutely burns the server processor. Generating a page of thumbnails takes a couple of minutes, and the server cpu is at 90%+ the whole time. Generating a single photo takes several seconds.  It's quick once the content is cached into the browser of course, but that's not a solution.


interested to know if there's anything that can be done about this.



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