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VIDEO_TS will Not Play - Casting or Sync from Server


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I have read the various Android App and Chromecast-related threads on here but can't find this particular issue.


Like others, I am still having problems getting the App to link to my Chroemcast - it will, randomly, but I haven't found any common reason for success or failure. (Netflix connects to Chromecsat every time).


Where I have a different issue, is that when it will Cast, it will never play any VIDEO_TS Movies.  If the file format is MKV or MP4, it plays without problem.  When I try to play the VIDEO_TS Movies, the Play button in the App gets its blue halo, but then freezes and that's all that happens.  If I Sync the VIDEO_TS Movie to my Mobile (Samsung Galaxy S4) and try to play it, the same thing happens.


Is this an issue with the Server, or the Android App, or with my S4? (the same thing happens on my Samsung Galaxy Tablet as well).


Android App: latest version from Google Play

Emby Server: 3.0.5641.4

Chromecast: latest Firmware


The Movies in question play as expected in Emby Theater.


If it's just a 'wait for it - it's in Development' situation, that's fine, I just don't want to spend any more time on it if it's something I can't fix.

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Streaming and transcoding of VIDEO_TS has always been considered expiremental and as a result will be hit or miss. However, the app is soon to get a custom video player that may allow it to access the video_ts folder directly. we can review this again after that.

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Thanks Luke.


I'm just curious as to why VIDEO_TS isn't fully supported, as I thought it was a pretty standard file format for DVD-ripping (at least in the UK)?


I suppose that as they play normally in Emby Theater, I assumed that they were a supported format across the platforms.


I had hoped to get rid of the HTPC in my Lounge setup and just use the App/Chromecast, but perhaps that's not going to be possible.


Not complaining; just curious.

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they are supported in htpc clients that can natively play them. they are only experimental with clients that require transcoding because the tools we rely on like ffmpeg don't fully support them. we do our best to work around that but it is only a workaround.

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