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*No Actual issue*


I am currently using Emby Server on web client and Emby app. I think the system is amazing and makes creating a movie library kinda fun.

One or Two things that I think might go nicely are;

- A fast forward/rewind button (maybe even a skip forward/backwards 5, 10 or 15 minutes button)

- When using the seek bar it can be a little tricky to get the seek point to the right part of the video/song. Was wondering if it might be possible to have some sort of frame search seek bar so that if need be I could move the seek point to the exact spot on the seek bar. (I have left a picture to show what I mean).




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yea i'm going to redo the slider soon. and yes, frame seek would be great, but generating those thumbnails requires a high cpu cost. just take a look at the plugin section of the forum and user comments about the roku thumbnail generator.

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