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OSX Server: BUG - Difference localhost vs app.mediabrowser.tv


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There are differences in the Media Browser Server depending on it being addressed through app.mediabrowser.tv or locally on localhost:8096/web.


OSX version: 10.9.5

Media Browser Server3.0.5518.7 (and previous version(s))

Web Browser: Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox. No difference.


It is very easily reproduced as simply using the different addresses to access it gives the different behaviour.


So far I have found three differences:

  1. The settings menu has icons when accessing locally, no icons via app.mediabrowser.tv
  2. The setting menu has sync option when accessed locally, not via cloud
  3. The setting menu->Plugins does not work for launching plugins when addressed from cloud, but works fine when addressed locally

Here's a picture of items 1 & 2. Item 3 is addressed separately.


Viewed from localhost:




Viewed from app.mediaserver.tv:



I have extracted logs but cannot find any difference anywhere that could be useful. And since it's so super easy to reproduce I have for now not added logs. Please advise if that is needed anyway, and if so what exactly I should do.




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This is because the app.mediabrowser.tv version will always line up with the current stable release and you were running a beta server.  So you will see differences depending on how you access it.

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