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Ability for users to report bad media


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Hi all.


A few months ago I had an issue which resulted in lots of different TV episodes and Movies having errors and therefore Media Browser struggled to play them (picture froze whilst audio continued).

This was nothing to do with Media Browser, but the files themselves as other video players did the same.

Now I have removed most of these files but yesterday I found another grrr.


I was thinking is it possible that all users could have a button / icon on the media page to report / flag that a TV Episode / Movie / Audio Track / Album etc is faulty.


With this flag the User/s who manage the Server will get a notification and there would be a place where all these flags are stored and listed for them to go through, check the media and either remove the report / flag (Mark as OK) or deal with it how the deem fit (Replace / delete etc)


This flag could even be on the media itself so other users are aware that the media may be faulty before they get into the Movie etc.


Maybe a prompt / list when the media is reported to help with fault finding.



The user Reports a fault with a movie and is prompted with a list of common faults which they pick "Video - Choppy".

Upon checking I found it to play correctly so it may be there device etc, so I can mark as "OK"


Prompt list could be

Audio - Choppy

Audio - Freezes

Audio - Won't Play

Audio - Wrong Language

Subtitles - None Available

Subtitles - Wrong Language

Video - Choppy

Video - Freezes

Video - Won't Play



Maybe even an option to give a time in the media when this occurs


Hope that made sence!

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I second this I also had a issue where a lot of my video files got corrupt but to find all of them takes a lot of time it would be nice if users could report if they find a bad episode.

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This might just be a temporary solution, but could you create a new user, call it 'Faults' then use the 'Add to Favourite' feature to tag them all. You can then sort by favourites and see each item.

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