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Subtitles on Chromecast (direct, not screen casting)


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Pulling from a windows server, I can play on a Nexus 5 with subtitles (SRT), via selecting "Audio and Subtitle Settings" from the movie details page on the Android app. But if I chose to use MB connect to chromecast, chromecast doesn't show the subtitles. If I cast the Android screen, with subtitles, via the chromecast (not MB) app, I get the subtitles (to be expected, since I am casting a screen with subtitles).


I understand that the chromecast MB client can only do WebVTT subs, according to:



So I converted the subtitles to WebVTT, and placed it in the same folder as the movie file, with the same file name (different extension of course). My problems:


A) Only the SRT sub shows up as an option in MB. I already hit "rescan library" on the server.

B) Bottom line: I cannot watch with WebVTT subs on the chromecast.


All versions of MB are up to date.


Thank you

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we don't currently recognize .vtt subtitles in your file system. In any case, there was no need to convert because MBS will convert on the fly.


With chromecast there is currently no subtitle switching once the movie starts, so you need to configure your user preferences default languages so that they get enabled by default. then it should work. 

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I asume you mean setting the default subtitle options at the server, via


by marking the default language and entering opensubtitle's credentials?


Or did you mean the user preferences at:


by leaving the audio track blank, setting english as default subtitle and default as subtitle mode. Didn't work. Set it to always force subtitles, and it worked.


Can I delete the SRT subtitles as only the WebVTT file is needed?



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