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27 minutes ago, adrianwi said:

On TrueNas there is a checkbox when you edit the Jail settings and go to Basic Properties

Here's what you'll find...THE FIX !  Congrats adrianwi is a geniusimage.png.f32aca6ff29bb21028ad2241963eac47.png

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8 minutes ago, dhenzler said:

And what about the checkbox...

Hi, what exactly are you asking?

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I was asking what the box was marked... I'm a bit SLOW at times... and brain is cluttered with a lot of issues.  Today I am fixing Blue Iris Camera Installation, with added storage, and trying to remember the steps to integrate the server RAID array drive 925G into Windows.  That took a bit... kept on getting limited to 32G.  And at one point the whole VM failed.  Thought I'd have to start over.  But I restarted and was ok.

Anyway... what I posted WITH A PICTURE is my best way to understand.  Show me the place where I need to be and I can figure it out...

Anyway Adrian is THE MAN !

Thought I'd never get emby alive again...

Forgive me if I seemed rude!

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