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Fixed transcoding in playback issue with DV and HDR10 in client 2.0.87


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Hi, I want to notify you that the problem in playing files with DV and HDR10 from Netflix has been solved in the new Beta version 2.0.87g.

Here below I am going to attach the screenshots where you can see the direct play without any transcoding and the HDR10 working without problem:





But also luckily I am being able to force my Emby server to use HLS play, in the files and contents that cause constant jumps and jerks in the images, and thanks to the playback with HLS the jumps and jerks in the images are totally solved in my OLED television, in the movies and television series that come from the Apple TV + service there are always jumps and jerks but thanks to HLS they are 100% resolved.

Here below I am going to attach the screenshots where you can see the HLS playback solving all the jerks and jumps in the images and so I can enjoy a totally smooth playback:





I wonder how HLS playback solves the jumps and jerks in the images on my TV? Mystery... 

Thank you very much!






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