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FR: MBS - Auto Organize Options


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Are the following two (2) requests possible for future enhancements to Auto Organize?


1. MULTIPLE WATCH FOLDERS. I would like to see an option to have multiple Watch folders set up. Would reduce the effort of moving files around to one drive and watch folder, especially larger DVR files.


2. INCLUDE / EXCLUDE FOLDERS. I would like to see an option to either designate the folders to be included for scanning and additions, or the ones you would like excluded. I have duplicate folders for some TV series. (One for HQ DVR recordings and One for processed MKV or MP4 copies.) It would be nice to designate by either collections set up (I have a TV Series Collection and a DVR Collection in library), or at the share folder level on what you want to make available as a valid directory for moving files once they are placed in the watched folder.

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