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Hi EMBY brewers,

I have a question for you. 

When I start my Emby app and the server is not reachable or down or my device is in flight mode, the EMBY app will take some time to determine if the server is really down. After that it will present me with a few options to connect to other servers and last but not least (and the whole reason for being offline) the option to listen and watch my downloaded content. The problem with this is, it can take some time for the Emby app to determine there is no server, resulting in me waiting before I can select the "offline content".

Now for the question: Can there be a option to go straight to the offline content, even though the app is still searching for the server??


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3 minutes ago, Luke said:

Hi, yes this is something we'd like to improve. Thanks.


Thanks for your reply. Hope you can pick up on this soon!

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