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25 minutes ago, Luke said:

Yes @cayars can take a look at it.

thank you luke.

waiting for cayars

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Hi, sending you a private message to arrange a remote session.


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Not having access is a result of leasing the router from the host.  There may be options to get in. You might want to ask your host if they have a way for you to access the router dashboard.  You might say you would like to have a family only access to a family tree site as a reason for getting in.  There are also usually ways to get into the dashboard.  Look up the router model brand and number and search for Dashboard access.

I don't think you can fix the issue without getting access to the dashboard, but I may be wrong.  Let's see if the guys come up with a workaround. 

Of course the other way is to buy your own router. Do you have a MESH system with a router and multiple other booster boxes from the Host?  If you do, then you are paying for their premium package.  It would be easier to somehow get into the router dashboard.   

Switching routers would then be a little more complex.  You could buy your own router that matches their MESH, but they may not allow that.  If you have MESH  router option B would be to drop down to cheaper host package that does not use MESH and set up your own router.  If your leased router does not have antenna, then getting your own current model router with 2 bands, 1 GB speed and antenna would probably be a step up for your Wifi.

Setting up your own router without Mesh can be actually faster than Mesh, but if you need to cover a large house and want to use repeater routers, the setup gets more complicated, which is why all host have swithced to Mesh, even though it's technially slower.

Ha, so I am not sure my answer makes the situation any clearer.

Also something to consider, if your TV is pulling media from the Wifi, it will work.  It's not ideal.  It would be better to run an Ethernet cable from the router to the TV and set up a direct connection.  It depends on your Wifi use, the number of possible people online, your host package, the router type, the TV, the distance from the TV to the router, other Wifi traffic, even if you have a wireless printer that you did not set up correctly and this interfers with Wifi.  For many situations, running a cable won't make any noticible difference.  If you had a professionally installed home theater, it would not run on wireless and everything would directly connected for some good reasons.

The easiest is to try to get into the router's dashboard.

Hope that helps. 

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