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Sideload app on nVidia Shield using smb3 from Windows 11


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There are several methods to sideload an app on an Android TV device such as the nVidia Shield including by usb, smart phone, etc.  The method described below uses smb3 from a Windows 11 client.  Different Android devices and connecting clients may differ in steps

The nVidia Shield uses smb3 as of SE8.  If your Shield isn't upgraded to at least SE8 you should do so now.

1. Enable smb3 connections on nVidia Shield

  • Go to Settings --- Device --- Storage 
  • Click and enable "Transfer files over local network"
  • Note the Username and Password




2. Enable SMB3 on Windows client

Windows 11 comes with smb3 already enabled.  Older versions of Windows and other clients may require you to enable smb.


3. Download apk from website

Both the standard Android (arm7) and Android TV apps work on the Shield.  You can choose one or install both if you like.




4. Copy downloaded apk from Windows client to Shield

  • Start File Explorer
  • Browse Shield by typing \\ShieldTV (or IP address) in File Explorer (use the Username and Password from Step 1)
  • Drag-and-drop downloaded apk from Window 11 to your folder on the Shield




5. Install X-plore File Manager on Shield

  • start Google Play Store app
  • search X-plore
  • Install




6. Install Emby on Shield

  • Start X-plore
  • navigate to the folder where you copied the apk in Step 4
  • Click on the apk file
  • Select Install and click OK




7. Add Emby to favorites on Shield Home Page (optional)

  • navigate to Installed Apps
  • hard press the Emby icon
  • Select "Add to favorites"


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