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Downloads stuck on "Ready to Transfer"


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Hi everyone,

since months I have the same issue like the person in this thread.

No matter what I do, everything I want to download gets stuck on "Ready to Transfer.
- tried multiple iPads & iPhones in my home
- tried to download in "Original" (that's what I actually want)
- tried to download in various qualities

Platform: Synology 718+ with DSM 7.0.1
Docker-Version: emby/embyserver - latest
iOS-Version: 2.1.5

Any help how to solve this is appreciated. I really want this to work before the upcoming vacation.




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Will post here but selecting Download on my iPhone appears to create the download to wrong device.  Shows the desktop not the device that requested the Download.


Doing a Download to from device will allow device selection and create correct Download to job but still hangs at Ready to transfer.


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I have the same problem.

Edit: If i go to the downloads (not manage downloads) section in settings, it kicks off the download.

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Posted (edited)

I also have this issue on Emby Theater on Windows 11. I don't understand what makes this a perennial issue. 

Edit: I found my problem was disk space was running out. The emby download progress bar was always at 0%, so that never updated to tell me it was downloading, and the error message that eventually came just said that the download failed, with no indicator it was because there was no disk space. I think the download manager should pre-allocate the required space BEFORE attempting the transfer, and fail with a proper error message if there isn't enough space. 

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Clicking Download on iPhone creates a job to the server sync folder not the device.  Clicking Download To and selecting the phone will converts but hangs at Ready to transfer.

Download button on iPhone (no download to option created this job)



Download To allowed device selection


But still hangs at Ready to tranfer after converting job completes.

testing on

iOS 2.1.6

iPhone OS 15_5


Retested on New Clean portable and do not see the Download button going to the Sync folder location, but do not have that plugin installed on this server or any other device connection history.  But still hangs at Ready to Transfer.

Another test Connected to another server ( that had Android device and iPhone previously connected and Download on iPhone created a download job for the Android device.  So Download button goes rogue not auto selecting itself as the Download to location.  But still hangs at Ready to Transfer. 

Since there are multiple topics on Ready to Transfer, I can only guess there is a server issue here but don't see anything in the server log.


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I'm having an eerily embyserver_syncfail.txtsimilar issue.  Sync just seems to fall on it's face.


Downloading a season of Bluey for the kid to watch in the car... gets one or two episodes... then just constantly starts transfer, then fails, then restarts.

The log is full of these.

2022-06-17 06:56:13.587 Error Server: Error processing request
	*** Error Report ***
	Command line: /opt/emby-server/system/EmbyServer.dll -programdata /var/lib/emby -ffdetect /opt/emby-server/bin/ffdetect -ffmpeg /opt/emby-server/bin/ffmpeg -ffprobe /opt/emby-server/bin/ffprobe -restartexitcode 3 -updatepackage emby-server-deb_{version}_amd64.deb
	Operating system: Linux version 5.15.35-1-pve (build@proxmox) (gcc (Debian 10.2.1-6) 10.2.1 20210110, GNU ld (GNU Binutils for Debian) 2.35.2) #1 SMP PVE 5.15.35-3 (Wed
	Framework: .NET 6.0.2
	OS/Process: x64/x64
	Runtime: opt/emby-server/system/System.Private.CoreLib.dll
	Processor count: 24
	Data path: /var/lib/emby
	Application path: /opt/emby-server/system
	MediaBrowser.Common.Extensions.ResourceNotFoundException: MediaBrowser.Common.Extensions.ResourceNotFoundException: Exception of type 'MediaBrowser.Common.Extensions.ResourceNotFoundException' was thrown.
	   at Emby.Server.Sync.Api.SyncService.Get(GetSyncJobItemFile request)
	   at Emby.Server.Implementations.Services.ServiceController.GetTaskResult(Task task)
	   at Emby.Server.Implementations.Services.ServiceHandler.ProcessRequestAsync(HttpListenerHost appHost, IRequest httpReq, IResponse httpRes, RestPath restPath, String responseContentType, CancellationToken cancellationToken)
	   at Emby.Server.Implementations.HttpServer.HttpListenerHost.RequestHandler(IRequest httpReq, ReadOnlyMemory`1 urlString, ReadOnlyMemory`1 localPath, CancellationToken cancellationToken)
	Source: Emby.Server.Sync
	TargetSite: Void MoveNext()


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