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Emby not running through Portainer


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Just a cpl of questions

Does the PUID and PGID match the owners of the folders your mapping. i.e which non root user are you using and what is it's ids on host system

id username

Portainer is just a frontend to manage docker, and as thats just a single docker and not a stack have you tried via cli.

Also reference the volumes are they locally mounted drives just curious why the long character references, the config one i normally leave in var (where docker volumes and images are stored by default normally) for persitant storage so is their any reason to be placing in srv.



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Thanks for your reply! Yes the PUID and PGID match.

The long character references are because it's a pooled drive. My old boot drive failed recently so I'm booting off a new one. The config, TV and movie folders were already on my storage drives.

After deleting the container and deploying the stack several times, it is working now. I'm not sure what went wrong...The only difference is instead of


I changed it to

/data/tv shows

Everything else is the same.

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