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Need help setting up library on Linux share


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Here's my setup:


MBS is running as a service on my HTPC. I recently built a NAS and added it to my network. I want to store some TV shows on the NAS and have them play in MediaBrowser Theater.


The NAS is running OpenMediaVault 1.0 kralizec.


On one hard drive on the NAS, I created a folder called "TV." When I open up the MediaBrowser configuration tool, and start to create a new library, it finds my NAS on the network, but when I try to go to my TV directory, there fields do not populate. The only option is the "go up one level" dots (..). Is there something I need to do on my NAS to make MediaBrowser Server see the shared folder?

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It doesn't sound like you actually put anything in your TV folder.  Did you?


I did, turns out the problem was my HTPC hadn't connected to the computer with a login name/password. Once I did that, I was able to add the TV folder to the library. My wife is currently watching her shows in the living room and giggling at them. MBT saved the day on a day she was feeling sick, so, thanks guys.

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