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Found 4 results

  1. I just recently got an OTG cable to USB Hub with Ethernet port. I've had the Nexus player hooked up to my network via ethernet for the past few days, and everything worked great. Until I tried to use emby just a little while ago. I kept being sent to the enter pin screen, which I would enter. Then on the server select screen it would say "This is taking longer than expected" followed by "server unavailable" I tried it on my phone and on my roku's and all worked with out a hitch. After clearing the cache, uninstalling/installing I realized the only thing that's changed was the way the nexus player was connected to my network. I unplugged it, and it works again. So I browse the movie I want to watch and plug the ethernet back in and it gives me a "volley error" So is there something I can do on my end for it to work with the ethernet connection or is that something that emby has to support?
  2. Hi everyone!, when i saw here the new app for androidTv i was really happy about it, and after some time i have saved some money to buy the NexusPlayer, the shipping to my country (cause here you cant buy it ) and the taxes for buying things outside my country (60% of the price of the product + shipping , (and its really hard that in customs they accept giving your package to you and not sending it back) But finally after all that effort i got my Nexus Player!! It was finally mine and i dont need to keep saving that money from my salary! I was really happy about it". The first thing i do when i got it in my hands was downloading the Emby App and try to see a movie, i was really exited about it but suddenly a shiver run down my spine. I got a message sayin i cant transcode the movie, and that if i want to see it i have to unlock the app. I cant believe what i was seing, why i have never seen that before?, where does it said that some of the app are of paid? Sad about the news, i start thinking and making some calculation about how much does it cost to unlock the app and how much time do i need to save money again , and for my surprise i cant find the price of the app and it seems that the only way of paying is with credit card, (again i have a tax of 60%, that means that i need more saving) So, after all these i cant see how much does the app cost, i am a bit sad cause all my savings where misspent in that nexus player that does not do anything , ( cause i cant buy the movies google offerd cause they are in dollars and to pay with credit card ) I saw that if you are a supporter you can have the app free (is that true? or did i misunderstood that?) by the way, i saw the prices and they are out of my bugget (I cant afford to pay monthly in dollars as my salary is in another currency that everyday is cheaper). So I thought that the lifetime supporter was the best choice, cause i can save some money and make a one time effort (again) to save the money to make the donation But the problem is that its too expensive! i mean the nexus player was cheaper! Concluding, i want to know some things so i can make the best decision, 1)The Nexus Player app is not free, right? 2)How much does it cost to unlock the app not being supporter? 3)Taking in consideration my money and currency problem, do you think its better to be supporter or to unlock the app only? ps: I dont mean to be rude or anything, please take in consideration my limitation with the english lenguage, this is the best way i have to express my concern
  3. I got the Nexus Player last night and hooked it up to Emby, and this is an awesome solution to my media center needs. I'm sure I'm just confused about this... but when I go to Live TV, I see a row for "Latest Recordings"... But I don't see an option to see *All* Recordings. Am I missing that in an obvious place? How do I see my non-latest Recordings from my Recorded TV? Like, I have 6 episodes of Hannibal recorded, but I can only see the most recent one. I'm using ServerWMC if that is relevant.
  4. Some files, mostly downloaded anime, can't be resumed from the Android TV app on the Nexus Player. Here's a video demonstrating it. At the end the app stopped responding and the black screen turns gray, It's not showing in the video because android itself seems to hang (I'm using adb screengrab). Pressing the home button will return me home after 5-10 seconds. Most times I have to force stop/clear data to get back into the emby app. If you want to match the time of the logs with the video, the video starts at 0:12:14 server time. Extra possibly useful info: The app was started right after I cleared all data on it. This was done on a fresh install of the server. The same behavior happens on the dev version of the server. Some files resume normally, but all anime I tried doesn't resume properly (only tried 2 animes tho). Sometimes it starts playing if I try to forward playback. The files play fine if I play from the beginning. If I don't press anything the black screen stays there "forever", the app doesn't crash and the server logs just show calls to /mediabrowser/Sessions/Playing/Progress every couple seconds Another problem with these files is that if you forward playback too fast (I do this to skip anime intros) the same behavior starts to happen. It seems to be happening if the time I skip to is not yet transcoded. Might be the same issue or it might be another one. Let me know if you need a video/logs of this. I didn't find any logs in /data/data/tv.emby.embyatv or in /sdcard so I'm assuming the Android TV app doesn't have logs yet. Attached server logs and an ffprobe of the test file I used. - Nodja 20150411 logs nexus player resume broken.zip 20150411 ffprobe resume broken file.txt
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