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  1. I'm setting up a new box with Kodi and Emby and found out that, when using Emby Connect, the plugin seems to "forget" the login details every time it starts. It asks to log in every time then. 2019-09-10 20:26:04.176 T:3850568576 NOTICE: EMBY.entrypoint.service -> --->>>[ EMBY ] 2019-09-10 20:26:04.177 T:3850568576 NOTICE: EMBY.entrypoint.service -> Version: 4.1.14 2019-09-10 20:26:04.177 T:3850568576 NOTICE: EMBY.entrypoint.service -> KODI Version: 18.4 Git:48c0b53aae7b0647d1f5a0a9cdb6ad5b1ebb9407 2019-09-10 20:26:04.187 T:3850568576 NOTICE: EMBY.entrypoint.service -> Platform: Linux 2019-09-10 20:26:04.197 T:3850568576 NOTICE: EMBY.entrypoint.service -> OS: CoreElec/1988MB 2019-09-10 20:26:04.197 T:3850568576 NOTICE: EMBY.entrypoint.service -> Python Version: 2.7.16 (default, Sep 7 2019, 02:36:38) 2019-09-10 20:26:04.208 T:3850568576 NOTICE: EMBY.entrypoint.service -> Using dynamic paths: False 2019-09-10 20:26:04.209 T:3850568576 NOTICE: EMBY.entrypoint.service -> Log Level: 1 When logging in: 2019-09-10 20:27:12.502 T:3607085952 NOTICE: Emby.emby.core.connection_manager -> Begin connectToServers, with 3 servers 2019-09-10 20:27:12.503 T:3607085952 NOTICE: Emby.emby.core.connection_manager -> testing connection mode 2 with server Media.Server.net 2019-09-10 20:27:12.504 T:3607085952 NOTICE: Emby.emby.core.connection_manager -> tryConnect url: http://{server-ip}:8096/emby/system/info/public 2019-09-10 20:27:12.558 T:3607085952 NOTICE: Emby.emby.core.connection_manager -> calling onSuccessfulConnection with connection mode 2 with server Media.Server.net 2019-09-10 20:27:12.675 T:3607085952 NOTICE: Emby.emby.client -> User is authenticated. And then on next startup again: 2019-09-10 20:27:48.767 T:3808338816 NOTICE: Emby.emby.core.connection_manager -> Begin connect 2019-09-10 20:27:49.775 T:3808338816 NOTICE: Emby.emby.core.connection_manager -> Found Servers: [] 2019-09-10 20:27:49.775 T:3808338816 NOTICE: Emby.emby.core.connection_manager -> Begin connectToServers, with 0 servers Attached is a complete Emby log from installing the plugin to restarting it and being asked to log in again. If I log in manually, all is fine. emby.log
  2. I setup emby for Kodi. I only want three libraries synced. Movies, TV shows and 4k. They show up fine. But on the front page of Kodi under movies I see all my kids stuff which is a section I didn't add. How do I prevent this from showing up?
  3. This is been bothering me for a while.. almost every time I open emby guide for the first time the bottom two guide rows are missing until I scroll them out of view and then come back. They magically load then. I can re-create. I’ll attach a video in a few minutes. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Just when I thought I was getting somewhere with my Kodi/Emby set up. Just noticed several tv show show up on my son's Kodi profile, even though the folder these shows are in is unchecked in the Library access for that user and also don't appear if I browse his library directly in Emby. Seems to be quite a few shows, but not all. I've checked and Emby For Kodi user is correct in the settings. There are two Emby users linked to two separate Kodi profiles. Anything obvious likely to cause this before I throw up log files? I'm a little concerned about what else may appear in his profile that he shouldn't have access to.
  5. I think i was going to try this feature when it first rolled out in emby. Sounds cool as heck to take a picture and have it show up on the server! But realized it would upload all photos in my gallery to the server. I've got nothing to hide, but having labels that i need to take pictures of in order to blow them up to read and other trivial crap aren't worthy of server space, but phone worthy. So i backed off doing it then. Tonight i figured i would try this out again (years later?) only to remember why i didnt do it in the first place... There is just stuff on my phone that i dont need in the server. But i figured maybe if i went into my photo gallery on my phone that i might be able to select photos to upload. Selecting one of the pictures and choosing share i realized there are many places that i can actually choose, but not emby. It would be great to share a selected picture (instead of the whole phone library). Make the share option in the photo gallery link to whatever it is in the emby android app that knows how to share the whole library? If i turned on camera upload i would then have to go in and manually delete pictures when i was back at the server. And having not played with this feature at all, would it then keep uploading pictures that i want on my phone but deleted from the server when syncing? Anyway, thanks for all you folks do, and this is far from any type of priority on my side! (I searched the topic before posting, so if someone else already has it suggested i apologize in advance)
  6. Kodi Version: Leia RC5 Emby Version: (Running on 32-bit QNAP NAS. Highest Version currently available in QNAP CLUB) Emby for Kodi Version: 4.0.1 Upgraded Kodi to Leia RC5 inorder to address a video rendering issue with my Ubuntu machine. Following the upgrade Emby for Kodi failed, so I upgraded to the beta branch; I believe it was 3.1.44a. Performed a database reset as requested by the addon. Added my libraries and began syncing. Sync worked fine until it encountered a series with a very large number of episodes (over 1500). Sync appears to get stuck on this series and then eventually times out. Error message displayed: Something went wrong during the sync. You'll be able to restore progress when Restarting Kodi. If the problem persists please report on the Emby for Kodi forums, with your Kodi log. Resuming the sync results in the same hang and the same error. Uploaded log is following a DB reset to ensure the cleanest records. https://paste.kodi.tv/hugohuhuku
  7. Hi, I recently upgraded to EmbyServer 4.02 (on QNAP x64 NAS) and my client (an nVidia Shield) to Kodi Leia RC5. I updated the Emby add-on to the beta channel 3.1.44a I did a full reset of the Kodi database After doing that, none of my BDMV rips (loose files in the Blu-ray folder structure) would play. I noticed that the path to the item was different in 3.1.xx vs 3.0.34 In 3.1.xx - DOES NOT PLAY \\QNAP\Movies\First Man In 3.0.34 - WORKS FINE \\QNAP\Movies\First Man\BDMV\index.bdmv NOTE: I can play MKV files just fine, so I know it is not a server access issue. Does anyone else have this problem? How can I troubleshoot? Thanks, -Steve
  8. I'll be honest and say I struggle figuring some of this stuff out. So this may be something simple and stupid I am missing. But what I am finding is my library appears almost perfectly in Emby but doesn't show up correctly in Kodi. For example, I have a six season TV series that shows up perfectly when I view it from the Emby web interface. All the seasons and episodes are there and show in the correct order. But when I open the same series in Kodi, I only see two seasons and even they do not show all the correct episodes. When I look at the files stored on disk, I am seeing all the episodes and they all seem to have all the correct nfo files with the correct information about the series and episode information in them. Any ideas on how to solve this? I don't even know where to start. I've tried re-scanning the library in Kodi but that does not help.
  9. quetzalcoatl666

    Movie set issue

    Hi, I have an issue with movie sets not being syncronized from the Emby server to Kodi. I am using Emby server with Kodi companion and Auto Box Sets On Kodi side I have 3 clients: 2x Kodi 17.6 with Emby for Kodi 3.0.34 and Kodi 18.0-RC2 with Emby for Kodi 3.1.35a. On each of the clients I am missing the majority of my movie sets, means that some sets are there but most of the ones that are shown directly on the Emby server are not. I had the feeling, that sets appear after I clicked on them on the server (via browser) but that is also not always the case. On the two clients with Emby for Kodi 3.0.34 another strange thing happens: When I hit the button "Update Sets" in the plugin, all the movie sets that were there before are gone. I really need the movie sets to be working, since I have about 450 of them... What can I do? Sven
  10. JD Hosting

    Adding server

    Hi all I’m new to emby, I’ve just added my sever to my account, and selected my movies, tv shows etc, but it’s been stuck on 86.8% for 2 days, is this normal Tia Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Thuzad

    Filter multi selection

    Hello, I noticed that the filters have changed would it be possible to put a multiple selection as before. For example for the year of release of the film could have to choose several. We see on the screen that one part to a single selection and the other a multiple selection. Maybe there is a reason for this change? Best regards
  12. I just discovered the intro videos in the Fan Art & Videos section of the forums, but when I set up Cinema Mode to use them I found myself irked by the interface overlaying the intro video. Can you please make an option to hide the playback interface when media is started?
  13. I have the Emby Android TV app on my MECOOL BB2 box and quite often when watching shows the videos freezes either in internal or external player,i do reset my modum & router and box once a week so i just was wondering what might be causing this? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Hi guys, environment: 12:36:57.018 T:1945465408 NOTICE: Starting Kodi (17.6 Git:a9a7a20). Platform: Linux ARM 32-bit 12:36:57.018 T:1945465408 NOTICE: Using Release Kodi x32 build (version for Raspberry Pi) 12:36:57.018 T:1945465408 NOTICE: Kodi compiled Apr 13 2018 by GCC 6.2.0 for Linux ARM 32-bit version 4.9.80 (264528) 12:36:57.018 T:1945465408 NOTICE: Running on LibreELEC (official): 8.2.5, kernel: Linux ARM 32-bit version 4.9.80 12:36:57.019 T:1945465408 NOTICE: FFmpeg version/source: ffmpeg-3.1-kodi 12:37:02.977 T:1787818912 NOTICE: EMBY.service -> Delaying emby startup by: 0 sec... 12:37:03.154 T:1787818912 NOTICE: EMBY.service_entry -> ======== START EMBY ======== 12:37:03.226 T:1787818912 NOTICE: EMBY.service_entry -> Python Version: 2.7.13 (default, Mar 24 2018, 16:37:30) 12:37:03.553 T:1787818912 NOTICE: EMBY.service_entry -> Platform: Linux/RPi 12:37:03.562 T:1787818912 NOTICE: EMBY.service_entry -> KODI Version: 17.6 Git:a9a7a20 12:37:03.572 T:1787818912 NOTICE: EMBY.service_entry -> EMBY Version: 3.0.34 12:37:03.585 T:1787818912 NOTICE: EMBY.service_entry -> Using plugin paths: True 12:37:03.596 T:1787818912 NOTICE: EMBY.service_entry -> Log Level: 1 Problem: Yesterday the emby addon for kodi started acting weird. It just showed me the message along the lines of "The library sync thread exited unexpectedly. Please report this in the forum". I started digging around in the logs and this is the stacktrace, that is shown for kodi crash log: 2:37:20.897 T:1486168992 NOTICE: EMBY.artwork -> Updating Art url for thumb kodiId: 865 ({emby-server}/emby/Items/f51b0fde315524be0065bf9a19e97a3f/Images/Primary?MaxWidth=400&MaxHeight=400&Index=0&Tag=fa9b2ab8ac8b83d1e8169e1a5f11127d) -> ({emby-server}/emby/Items/f51b0fde315524be0065bf9a19e97a3f/Images/Primary?MaxWidth=400&MaxHeight=400&Index=0&Tag=88b0031d1d78fb62196e195e863b9e72) 12:37:20.907 T:1486168992 NOTICE: EMBY.database -> ERROR:: Type: <class 'sqlite3.OperationalError'> Value: database or disk is full 12:37:20.918 T:1486168992 NOTICE: EMBY.database -> number of rows updated: 8 12:37:20.927 T:1486168992 NOTICE: EMBY.database -> commit: /storage/.kodi/userdata/Database/MyVideos107.db 12:37:20.936 T:1486168992 NOTICE: EMBY.database -> closing: /storage/.kodi/userdata/Database/MyVideos107.db - 1559590480 12:37:20.948 T:1486168992 NOTICE: EMBY.database -> ERROR:: Type: <class 'sqlite3.OperationalError'> Value: database or disk is full 12:37:20.957 T:1486168992 NOTICE: EMBY.database -> number of rows updated: 3 12:37:21.912 T:1486168992 NOTICE: EMBY.database -> commit: /storage/.kodi/userdata/Database/emby.db 12:37:21.921 T:1486168992 NOTICE: EMBY.database -> closing: /storage/.kodi/userdata/Database/emby.db - 1560031408 12:37:22.117 T:1486168992 NOTICE: EMBY.librarysync -> ERROR:: database or disk is full Traceback (most recent call last): File "/storage/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.emby/resources/lib/librarysync.py", line 674, in run self.run_internal() File "/storage/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.emby/resources/lib/librarysync.py", line 771, in run_internal librarySync = self.startSync() File "/storage/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.emby/resources/lib/librarysync.py", line 109, in startSync completed = ManualSync().sync() File "/storage/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.emby/resources/lib/librarysync.py", line 860, in sync return self.fullSync(manualrun=True) File "/storage/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.emby/resources/lib/librarysync.py", line 305, in fullSync completed = process[itemtype](cursor_emby, cursor_video, pDialog) File "/storage/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.emby/resources/lib/librarysync.py", line 863, in movies return Movies(embycursor, kodicursor, pdialog).compare_all() File "/storage/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.emby/resources/lib/objects/movies.py", line 80, in compare_all if not self.compare_movies(view): File "/storage/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.emby/resources/lib/objects/movies.py", line 100, in compare_movies return self.compare("Movie", emby_movies['Items'], movies, view) File "/storage/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.emby/resources/lib/objects/_common.py", line 183, in compare self.process_all(item_type, "update", emby_items, total, view) File "/storage/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.emby/resources/lib/objects/_common.py", line 136, in process_all process(item) File "/storage/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.emby/resources/lib/objects/_common.py", line 31, in wrapper return func(*args, **kwargs) File "/storage/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.emby/resources/lib/objects/movies.py", line 306, in add_update self.kodi_db.add_people(movieid, people, "movie") File "/storage/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.emby/resources/lib/objects/_kodi_common.py", line 233, in add_people add_thumbnail(person_id, person, type_) File "/storage/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.emby/resources/lib/objects/_kodi_common.py", line 190, in add_thumbnail self.artwork.add_update_art(thumbnail, person_id, art, "thumb", self.cursor) File "/storage/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.emby/resources/lib/artwork.py", line 428, in add_update_art cursor.execute(query, (image_url, kodi_id, media_type, image_type)) OperationalError: database or disk is full Well the message is pretty clear. I had configured my cache settings wrong and the disk just ran full. After deleting the junk files on the disk everything is working fine. Maybe this exception can be caught and properly reported back to the user, so others won't have to dig in the logs to find the disk is full? Best regards and thanks for creating this great software
  15. Hi everyone, since 3.1.31a emby for kodi can`t connect the server under kodi 17.6. "Emby error"is the error message. best regards kodi.log
  16. ntilagoa

    Problem updating new TV shows

    Hi Emby server: Latest beta version running on windows server 2016 (with most recent updates). Kodi Leia latest nightly beta running on 2 Nvidia shield TV with your most recent plugin update. First of all, thanks for your hard work. I have been using this combination for years. Everything seem to be running ok since you publish this new version, except for this small problem: - After initial sync if I had a new tv show, client sync the show ok with all seasons, episodes and art, except for series info and season info. Episodes info are ok. On server all info is ok but do not show off on clients. At the moment I cannot send log, but I will later on. Anyone else sees this problem? Thank you very much
  17. Hello After update last version I can configure hdhomerun on livetv, but now the list of tuner don’t appear’s. I can see tv but can’t see the tuner available Thank you for helping Enviado do meu iPad usando o Tapatalk
  18. Is it possible to add a bitrate for users that are direct(whatever) something? It's good info, and readily available. Thanks
  19. Allow for the use of the use of the tvg-chno tag in the M3u file rather than just channel-id for channel numbering. The iptv-epg.com service which provides EPG guide service as well as M3U editing uses tvg-chno and not channel-id for their channel ordering/numbering. Granted, it's not that big of deal to point Emby at a modified copy of the M3u file with tvg-chno renamed to channel-id via search/replace but this would even eliminate that requirement. Maybe make the tag used for channel number selectable.
  20. Hey my friend, @@Angelblue05 have since the last version and the current a strange behavior in Kodi. @@sualfred already told me that it is not the skin and I should contact you. Everything is up to date, the server does it right but Kodi behaves weird. And when I start a movie, a local trailer starts before me (correctly named and read - metadata have already been deleted and completely replaced). But after the passage of the trailer does not start the main movie but it is finished and the main movie is marked as seen. But if I do not start the movie in Kodi directly via the widget or from my library, but go the detour "i" and in the information screen on "Watch Now", the trailer starts and then the movie (which is correct). If I finish this immediately, then he is also "not seen". adjusted everything correctly in the plugin Send me the log, where I have both variants in it. Do you perhaps see the mistake? Thanks and best regards Seger
  21. Since Plex now has the traditional grid guide on Apple TV (http://www.iphoneincanada.ca/news/plex-grid-view-channel-guide-apple-tv/), can we expect the Emby Apple TV app to have a similar guide soon? The current guide in the ATV app is a little cumbersome to use with its big thumbnails. I do believe this is in the works, but I haven’t heard anything about it for a little while.
  22. I can't seem to find anything relating to throttling transcoding / remux? Problem: 4K Transcoding / Remux - It uses a lot of space thus drives are filling up based on transcoding settings at the moment as Emby is transcoding the whole file, thus with a 4K remux / transcode this could be 60GB and multiple this if you have multiple users. Remuxing seems to cause problems event when its out remuxing audio / container as it will fill up the disk. Fix: Ability to throttle transcoding to be 5-10 minutes ahead of current time
  23. Hi, I use the emby for kodi addon and having an issue with the music section: The Recently Played Albums and Most Played Albums sections never seem to update and have been stuck at whatever they were when i first switched the emby music sync on. I have deleted the music database and done a clean library sync but it still doesn't update.
  24. b0dyr0ck2006

    User connection polling

    Is there a way that you can implement a polling system for us to test connection speeds between certain users and our server? For example: user 1 says they have stuttering playback, I force the playback stream settings lower via the server for user 1 but the still get stutters. The only way I can resolve this is to manually change their settings on their device, which obviously I can’t do remotely. User 1 hasn’t a clue about internet speeds or what they have (it’s a 15mb connection) This way if I could poll there connection from the server then I could tell what quality I can send them without errors Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  25. Hi again, Another bug i think? My entire TV show library was removed after an update - looking through the logs it seems to be related to a time-out to the server which occurred during the sync? https://pastebin.com/FTft8uYa I actually saved a previous log where i lost my library - i mentioned this in another post where i was trying to figure out why certain shows were not showing up... here is the log for that one (looks like pretty much the same error...) https://pastebin.com/dqGh9sUs I'm starting to think that my original problems with certain shows not syncing is related to this error... Please advise...
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