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  1. Implementing a right-to-left display in other apps, please luke We need to implement what you done in other applications, very important android tv and lg webos There are thousands of users waiting for this update
  2. Hi @LukeDo you have have any plans to put some timer options in the iOS app for audiobooks? My father often listens and falls asleep, where as it would be helpful for a timer.
  3. It would be excellent if in addition to filtering by audio codec such as AC3, DTS, etc... that we can as well filter by number of audio channels Mono, Stereo, 5.1 and 7.1. I have a large library of movies and would like to filter them by their audio channels.
  4. Hey , It is possible to add to each movie with the supported formats for the background view that will show the logos of the relevant formats dolby vision atmos hdr 10 and etc? I think it would be very cool I made an example in Photoshop
  5. Currently actor's roles are only visible on the movie/show pages in the cast & crew section I think it'll be useful if they were also visible on the actor's pages, especially for the VAs
  6. Hi, Just wondered if there was update on the feature request for downloading of the actual playlist/collection. I did try and search to see if I could avoid starting a new thread. Thanks
  7. As titles says. First: i can sort movie collections by "watched/unwatched" already and it does absolut nothing in most clients So when i have seen all movies in a collection than this collections should be marked as "watched" Great bonus would be be when i can have on my collections the same viewing status indicator as TV-Shows have. Say when i hav seen 4 out of 7 movies in a collection than it should get a 3 symbol thank you


    This would be a great option, Make it possible to change custom image sizes for posters, title names, cast, . For small, medium, large and very large. Just for the sake of example, in the emby theater in one line by default of a tv display is a 5 movies appear in a row. If there is a custom option to reduce the poster image size display it will be possible to insert for example 7 movies in a row. Everything according to the personal taste of each of us.
  9. I'd like to see a discrete permission in the user configuration granting the ability to identify media and update metadata, without having to make that user an admin. Even in my small environment, there are multiple reasons I'd like this distinction. the most common, for my use case, is that it would allow us to "fix" misidentified media from the couch, while logged in to the family account in the common space. It would also be beneficial to enable this option for 'power users' I share access with, who I trust to contribute in this way but who I don't want to grant full access to delete all my libraries and such.
  10. Rubbinio

    Backdrop from url

    Sometimes i want to change the backdrops Emby downloads or add backdrops when it can't find one. It would be very nice if Emby had the option to "Set Image from URL" for backdrops just as it has for all other images, instead of having to download the image to my PC, browse to it and select it.
  11. Currently Emby Theater doesn't switch Windows 10/11 into HDR output when playing HDR files so the colours are wrong. Putting Windows into HDR full time is not possible as the SDR to HDR tonemapping in Windows is terrible. Kodi is able to auto switch to HDR when playing an HDR file and it works great. I know I can access my Emby library in Kodi through an add-on but I prefer to use the Emby UI for most things. Is there a way to either implement auto switching or set HDR files to open in Kodi instead? Thanks, Thomas
  12. @Luke I tried to used ambilight with emby but the emby internal player doesn't allow to grab the screen information. The Leds are working using the menu but they turned off on media playback. I tried the mx player as an alternative media player for emby. The leds are working now but the app isn't that good like the emby media player. There areany missing features like chapters. Kodi, MX Player or the VLC media player also works nice. I think it's an player problem. Can you or one of the emby dev's do some magic that the emby internal media player allow the screen grabber to use the video information?
  13. TMDB有些剧集含有多个版本,默认的剧集季数并不正确,比如 纸房子 这个剧集,默认只有3季,其实有5季,EMBY刮削时无法选择其他剧集组
  14. RaptorCentauri

    Guest User Mode

    I think it would be cool to have a guest user mode. What I am thinking this means is user that does not keep watch statuses OR that the watch statuses (and other such data) could have a set reset time, either at a specific frequency or set specifically by the admin. I think this could be great for people hosting out of town guests that may want to watch some movies or even something like an Air BnB setup.
  15. Hi I'd like to request a feature so we can move movies to a different Library. Eg all my movies download to /tmp/movies I have another library for kids films /Tmp/kids It would be nice to be able to move the kids films from movies to kids with the interface when browsing movies Hope that makes sense Thanks.
  16. As an alternative to the Music Brainz and Audio DB links, it would be great to have a field to add Discogs links. I did try to see if I could use an unused Audio DB link, but it didn’t work. So, just any blank link would do, then over time I can add links. Any chance? Thanks.
  17. I dunno if something like this is possible in the Emby environment (maybe it's even already there and I'm not recognizing it)... but something I kinda liked with Plex was that I could see that users were connected to my server/share securely (https) in the Now Playing/Current Activity area. I mean, I guess I should know if they were initially setup using the https but there'd just be peace of mind seeing an indicator clarifying it, or that I need to take action if someone isn't connecting securely that I assumed would be. Would something like this be possible?
  18. The only thing keeping me from paying for Emby and ditching Jellyfin is the inability to immediately play live TV programs when viewing the guide without getting the popup asking to record. I understand a lot of folks are reluctant to UI changes, so I am asking for an option in the settings to disable the record popup when selecting a programs from the live TV guide. The option could default to the existing behavior, but allow end user's to disable it if they so choose. My request is specifically for the Android TV client. I have a few Nvidia Shields which have very few buttons on the remotes - directional and a select button in the center. Every live TV app I've used so far: Jellyfin, Channels, Android Live TV, Kodi, and Sparkle all play the selected program from the live TV guide immediately (without prompting to record) when the select button is pressed. Emby is the only app that forces a prompt to record before being able to select play. Thanks
  19. Hi, It would be great if the trailer would be used (if one there is a local one or even NFO link) as backdrop-video. This would be cool as not every movie has an own backdrop provided by the Movie Theme plugins. This feature would be also great to add in the "advanced start page". Thanks.
  20. So I've found several closed threads about this FR, and would just like to bring it up again. Mainly from what threads I could find, the answer was "We don't have that functionality" (to identify missing movies). But since collections have been baked into Emby and are not an additional plugin anymore.... can we revisit this thought? Two things I'd like to see. Functionality like we currently have for episodes missing from TV series when viewing a collection. And a filter for showing just collections with missing movies. Is this on the radar?
  21. Is there a way to have a "next" button or something similar so you don't have to back out and go back into the library. So if you are in a movie there is a previous and next button to be able to go through your movies that way? Also I saw that in Emby on my desktop there is an aspect ratio choice but on phone there is nothing unless I missed it somewhere. It comes in handy to those couple episodes you messed up ripping that are in wide mode to be able to change to back to 4:3 for instance.
  22. RaptorCentauri

    Family Accounts

    I think a welcome feature would be family style accounts. Essentially one account on the server could have multiple sub accounts. The family account could have a “head of household” that would be able to set permission for its own members. Family accounts could have sub watch statuses for each family member.
  23. as title says please rework playlists and allow us to make it look like all other list views in emby too. the plain list it is right now is not usefull at all. thank you
  24. It would be helpful to have an option to select specific libraries each user can download from or not. From what I understand there is currently an option to allow each user to download from all libraries or none at all. If there were administrator access buttons added for each user to specify libraries users could download from or not it would be very useful. Thanks, Zak
  25. When on a Season page, It would be useful to have buttons to take me to the previous or next season. Currently, you are required to return to the Series page and then select the season that you want. For anthologies shows, this would be a huge help. For long-running anthologiy series like NOVA, this is particularly painful because you have to scroll through the list of 50 seasons on the Series page each time.
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