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  1. Hi everyone. My idea is the next, It would be awesome if i can allow transcoding from h.264 to h.265 to get better Bitrates and lower files size. So basically all my contents is on H.264 because of Web compatibility issues and for some of the content is not available in H265 so my idea is to force transcoding on the fly from H.264 -> H.265 in case the device support it, i really don't want to re convert all my library to h.265 because it can be 45 times the size of already used to maintain the h.264 + h.265 . So allow people to transcode from h.264 to h.265 on the fly will be awesome to reduce bitrates and size at the end and depending in client support. I currently i'm not allowing transcoding and as i can see on my networks records the egress from my NAS is very big and some of the content transcoded to h.265 on the fly will gain 40 percent of the bitrate maybe not sure how to calculate this, H.264 Content are usualy 7- 15 Gbytes and transcoded on the fly to h.265 will get better bitrates and final size (Weight) resulting more people on my NAS and server to watch content simultaneous. ========================================================================================================================================== An other things to add to this feature Request will be to allow us to Deny Transcoding for a Specific Folder or Library because i have some library like 4K content not playable on web browsers so i deny all transcoding things, but if the things above is featured and developed it requires to allow "Codec UP Scale" Transcoding so it will be nice to have it divided and allow Up Codec transcoding like H.264 TO H.265 but not H.265 TO H.265 i guess this need very improvements to manage the transcoding. If there is already a way to do that thanks to give me a hand. Kind Regards CyberPoison
  2. byakuya32

    intro skip

    you should add a feature that prompts to skip the into kinda like netflix by using the chapters integrated into the video
  3. Why are there no settings in the admin interface to adjust the amount of episodes before the "runaway" feature kicks in. I'm not sure exactly but I think it's about 6 episodes before it finally asks if you're still watching. This should be a feature that is controllable.
  4. lexisdude

    Watch party plugin

    Had an interesting thought come to mind and wanted to throw it out there to see if there was any traction/feasibility to my idea. Have the ability to enter a watch party room with other logged in users. One stream is running between all people in the channel. Thoughts?
  5. It would be great to have a list view mode on the AndroidTV app just like it exists on the normal Android App without the necessity to show thumbnails. Value: One main usage of Emby for me is to watch educational videos that I manage in Emby. The primary reason why I use Emby for this is 1) I can track my progress of the lectures in a central manner if I use multiple devices for that and 2) it's easy to manage them for offline usage when I'm travelling. Those videos are usually many files in every directory and don't come with metadata which is why I choose the media type "home videos and photos" for them. Also I don't generate thumbnails as those generated thumbnails do not deliver any added value. Instead, the most important information to manage those videos is the directory name, the filename and the watched status/watch progress. The thumbnails are just empty boxes which clutter up the screen which is why a pure text-based list view mode would be very awesome.
  6. I share my server with my siblings and each of them have their own families. I want to give them a place where they can upload their photos now that Google Photos isn't going to be free any more. I have been looking for ways to accomplish this without sharing everyone's photos with each other. I think the best/easiest way would be to have an additional option that creates a subfolder per user. Kinda like the current ability to create a subfolder per device. Then I could share just that subfolder with each user.
  7. Here is the scenario: You have 2 versions of the same movie, a director's cut and a theatrical cut. Director's Cut is 2:14 with 18 chapters Theatrical Cut is 1:48 with 16 chapters. In the client UI (both web and Roku, and I assume all others), in the movie details page the time/length element, "Ends at" element, and all the chapters (number, thumbnails, etc.) are based on the 1st version alphabetically. So, for our example, it would show a length of 2:14. If it was 07:00 the End At would be 9:14, and there would be 18 thumbnails for the chapters. ... as the Director's cut is the 1st version. This doesn't change even if you use the Version pull down menu to select the other version. I suspect Emby is basing the length (and hence the Ends At) off the metadata not the file itself. I would like the UI to change those 3 fields base don the selected version in the pull down menu. So it starts off with length of 2:14. If it was 07:00 the End At would be 9:14, and there would be 18 thumbnails for the chapters. But, if I switch to Theatrical, the UI switches to length of 1:48. If it was 07:00 am the End At would be 8:48, and there would be 1_6_ thumbnails for the chapters. Thanks
  8. I would love to have the option of displaying a large banner-like image at the top of the homepage to showcase featured titles like Netflix does. Configuration options: Display image or video Play trailer w/ mute toggle switch Rotating list based on release date, newly added or custom Enable on homepage and/or within each category Thanks and keep up the great work! I look forward to seeing Emby's continuing evolution.
  9. Now that Google is ruining Google Photos by taking away unlimited backup I have been looking for alternatives. I've tried a bunch of opensource alternatives and they all seem to be lacking a lot of things. Then I remembered that Emby could show photos and I was a little disappointed when I created a photos library and viewed them from the app. A helpful addition for me is to use photo metadata to allow different view options for photos other than folder view. A view based on date photo was taken would be awesome.
  10. It would be nice if when a user sets their own recordings they would have their own recorded folder and not share the same folder with everyone. I can see multiple recording of the same show is the only problem to save hdd space.
  11. I use Tags to designate which things are ok for my Kids (on their own "users") to watch (is there a better way??) It is a very labor intensive process to edit all of the media entries to add these tags (especially buried down at the bottom). It would be great if there was a way to select multiple files and assign a Tag to all of them. Thanks Emby Team!
  12. aussiedropbear

    Subtitle positioning

    Hi I use an xbox and a projector that is setup for 235.1 to watch emby movies. When subtitles are presented when watching the wider format movies in 235.1 one line of subtitles hang part on the image frame and the other in the black bar area which is off the screen and unreadable. Can we have an option to move the subtitles position please. Even other factors as size and colour would be good. Cheers
  13. WeerdMunkee1978

    Expanding Themes

    It'd be great if there were more options for themes under the "Themes" and "Settings theme" options under the "Display" tab. I keep going back and forth between the same group, not really caring for the "Light" options. Starting to wish there was a much more extended variety of themes to choose from...for instance, how the fonts change when you use the Halloween theme? It'd be really neat if you were able to choose amongst a variety of fonts, as well as maybe even colors of font text. As far as the themes go, there could be all kinds of random themes to choose from....dragons, cars, flowers, clouds, hearts, steel plated backgrounds, wooden textures, etc. (you know, instead of the haunted house and xmas tree bulbs ya have for the other themes--sure you guys could come up with much better choices), but also the ability to customize themes and upload your own photos as themes! Hoping it would also be translatable (able to also be seen) on/to the Roku/Firestick apps!! Y'all think think that'd ever be doable?? It would be fantastic if ya did!
  14. Hi, It''s not possible to add on the dashboad the CPU/RAM and LAN utilization of the server on a graphics in real time (like Plex dashboard) I think is important for the futur evolution of the server (Adding Ram or more)
  15. If a movie has multiple versions (1080p, 4k, director's cut, etc) it would be nice if the resume feature automatically chooses the version that needs resuming, not just resetting back to default.
  16. canada99

    Trailers plugin

    I just started playing with emby again after some years and noticed all the work that has gone into it lately, very impressive! The trailers plugin such a cool plugin to play new upcoming movies in the theater before your movie of choice starts I like this feature a lot. Would it be ok to add a small feature to this plugin so I could make and add a simple banner before each of the 2 trailers play that say "Coming Soon to theaters" and then a third banner after the trailers are finished that says "Now for your feature presentation" Now that I am off work I can tinker around with emby and build a media center for my family to use. Something like this even? https://gofile.io/d/twvuok then https://gofile.io/d/6MUf1n
  17. Hi! (sorry for my english) Sometimes i’m sleepy but still try watching movie... I want a button or whatever to save the time example: 0:43:13 save this time but the movie still countine. If this is possible i want this movie/episode time saves to see in homepage.
  18. Hi to the great Emby team Up until the past year or so the current manner in which one is able to select what channel to record a program on has been totally fine for me. However, the rights to broadcast the Formula 1 Grand Prix have changed and now ESPN broadcasts it and here lies the rub. As there are a number of very popular sports in the US + the global sports programs like ESPN have multiple channels to cover all of this. And has F1 is not really a high priority event there are times when it isn’t even shown live (generally when there are a large number of games for a given sport) which there is nothing that can be done about that. But because F1 races take place in a different country each race, thus different time zones, sometimes the races will be shown (live or for their first time in the US) on ESPN (esp if it is at a very early hour) and sometimes on ESPN2 if there is something else that would attract more viewers. Now I don’t think there is a feature/method that I am unaware of; I believe that the way the series recording functionality works is that when you request a program to be recorded the way Emby determines the options for what channel to record the show on is based on what channel the selection you have made is being broadcast on. For the most part this is fine and works out great, but with something like F1 which is usually on ESPN2 & I want to record the races only in HD I end up having a rerun of the race recorded by Emby if a given race happens to be broadcast on ESPN (and that’s if they have a rerun of it). If I don’t select ‘only record on ESPN2 HD’ and instead select ‘any channel’ then I’ve had the race recorded in SD when it is broadcast live (and maybe in HD as well. I only noticed this when Emby recorded a race in SD when I had it set for any channel). So I would like to put forth a feature request to add ‘only HD’ (and I guess ‘only SD’ for those that might want it?) as an option. Of course if there is an automated way around this, meaning I don’t have to keep reviewing the schedule to see which channel the race is set to be recorded on, that would be awesome and I’d be happy to withdraw the enhancement request. (another thing would be to request that only the actual races be recorded, not the practice or qualifying sessions, but me thinks that would be a larger piece of work & unless that is something others want I figure there are more pressing things for the Emby team to work on). thanks!
  19. I searched before posting and went back 5 years, buit didn't see anyone making this request. There was one that was kind of similar but not the same nearly 2 years ago. I would love to see an additional line added to Recordings program info screen to include the time the program aired and channel it aired on, as is shown in program info on the Guide and Schedule pages. I have attached screenshots of what is shown now, and what I'm requesting, although I'm sure your team could do a much better job with the aesthetics. CURRENT RECORDING INFO (Web App) REQUESTED INFO CURRENT RECORDING INFO (ANDROID TV) REQUESTED INFO
  20. I wish there is a "Reset Filter" button on Emby Web/ Android version. The Firestick version surprisingly the only one that has clear filters. Also, this actually a related to filters, yet separate feature request. Is there's a way for us to save the filter query (e.g : Genre Action/Adventure, Status : Ended, etc) to a user view/ "Saved List"
  21. Could we get an option to allow us to change the log path location similar to the ability to change the cache path? I want to reduce SSD wear out and with an emby server that is used frequently, the amount of logs that are written even with debugging disabled is a lot. I'd like to move the logging to a mechanical drive in this system.
  22. Just like TV Shows library has episodes view every series should have it too. Especially needed for anthology series with lots of seasons. Should be able to sort and filter.
  23. I have been attempting to add metadata to my audiobooks library in an effort to tidy it up. When I use the metadata editor to add the blurb it retains paragraph spacing but when I save this and view the item all spacing is removed. Can the paragraph spacing be retained? Examples:
  24. Please add the option to change the library order in the server settings, so that it becomes the default order for all the users. It is super annoying to log to each user, then going to the "Home Screen" settings and change the library order per user, this option is awesome for when the user wants to customize the default order if they want.
  25. It will be cool if we would be able to change the order of the library in the server settings so that the order becomes available to all users in the homescreen, currently it can only be change per user in the Home Screen settings. Right now I have to login to each user to change the order of the library in the home screen.
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