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  1. Hi, i would like to request a new feature for emby premium. I would like to limit my users concurrent sessions. If the same user logs in in another device the last one should be disconnected Thanks
  2. So I use auto organize for my shows and love it. My sever is set to download all my favorite shows right after they air so I can watch them even when in places they don't air (For example I'm in Japan right now and got to watch the last 2 episodes of the walking dead on the US schedule so no one got to ruin them for me on facebook) Now, I can also remotely tell my server at home to download movies and music and such. The feature I'm requesting is the ability to add the movies I download while away added into emby so I can watch my new movies on the go as well. Kind of like going into the auto organize activity log you can pick one of the non-moved files in red (Say "Justice.League.vs.Teen.Titans.2016.1080p.BluRay.x264.mp4" for example) and manually identify it (with the imdb# or themoviedb#) and have emby put it in the movie folder and fetch meta and such
  3. Hi, I was looking for an alternative to Schedules Direct for the TV guide (since it doesn't have my country channels) and I found XMLTV. Is it possible to integrate it? Thanks, Bonfi
  4. I was wondering if any thought has been put to syncing the playing of certain content throughout groups or zones of players.. E.g. say you have a players in your kitchen, gym, living room, conservatory, play-room, bedroom, bathroom etc... you could group these into zones, perhaps "down-stairs" := {kitchen, living room, conservatory} and "upstairs" := {bedroom, bathroom} and "kids" := {play-room, kids-room}.. Then you could perhaps make all players in a given zone play the same music.... (as an option, not - of course - forced)... This would save me, for example, from having to either play the living room player so loud that it filters around the downstairs... but making it too loud to actually be in the living room - or running around and trying to get each player to play the same thing.. but they're going to always be a few seconds out!.. Instead, I just command all downstairs players to play the same music, at the same time - then they can all be at a volume level which isn't deafening!
  5. Hey Think if would be great if you could suggest movies or tv shows to other users accessing the same Emby server. Regards
  6. At the weekend I ripped my entire music collection to flac and removed the existing lossy music from my emby library. Something about this process introduced a new bug that mean't my newly ripped music was being removed from emby on every reboot. Anyway I couldn't be asked to go through the process of posting a log on the forum and waiting for a response, so I decided to purge emby from my server and start again. My issue was fixed after this, but it did mean waiting a long long time to do a fresh library scan. Anyway I'll cut to the chase... chapter images are not stored in media folders at present which means they have to be generated again if you're planning to move your library to a different machine; or just reinstall as I did. Given that image extraction is so CPU expensive, would it not make sense to store them in media folders so that they persist through installs? Particularly as on large libraries the whole process can take hours - mine took 7 hours to complete last night and at around 80% I received an error "too many open files", so I had to resume this morning. I understand that this isn't as easy to do as metadata, as you've somehow got to link each image to a specific time within each file - but maybe you could have a journal file to accomplish this for each video?
  7. I'd like to be able to make sure all of the items in my collection have either a parental rating or a custom rating if they are unrated. Using the reports viewer I can sort by parental rating which is helpful but since I can't verify within this view if the items with NR/UR/Unrated/etc have been assigned a custom rating I don't see any easy way of doing this. Would it be possible to add custom rating as a column in the report view? Thanks!
  8. I would like to request that the server merge like named folders from different drives/root paths. For example: If I have two folders: M:\Archived TV\Silicon Valley (NAS) P:\Recorded TV\Silicon Valley (Local) Both of these folders are in the TV emby folder (both M:\Archived TV and P:\Recorded TV are included). Currently: emby would show "Silicon Valley" twice within TV. Request: emby merges the folders into one emby folder for presentation It has been suggested elsewhere that the user uses Junctions or Pools, but I cannot find a solution that works with network volumes. This is not just a case of being messy. I'm using a combination of un-touched WMC recordings (protected) and MKV's. The WMC files are too big to play smoothly over the network and I do not have enough HDD space to put the NAS files on my local disk. Thanks
  9. Im current on Plex, but I would love to make the jump to emby! But.. There isnt any monitor service at all (I know there is a log) !? My friends and I split the bill compared on hours watched.. This is impossible on Emby :/
  10. Just switched over from Plex to Emby. Love the Kodi integration. One thing I would love to see is the option to use films' original titles, as opposed to localised ones. My collection is mainly made up of non-English language films and I often have no idea what the English title is. It would be convenient if you could choose to use localised titles or original titles on a library-by-library basis.
  11. Hello, i'd like to suggest devs to implement a way to allow us to use TAGS and other stuff depending on the profile, to control what will appear to reproduce. For example... I have a 4-year-old son. I only want him to be allowed to see in his profile things that I tagged manually as allowed. Today we can HIDE media depending on tags, I've seen some kind of blacklist somewhere using tags. But what about filters? Thanks! Anderson
  12. Kantraz

    No playback

    HI, I've got a problem with getting kodi to playback from emby. Both emby and kodi are running on the same server, but when trying to play I get this error: I'f I play using DLNA it plays just fine
  13. Something i thought might be a cool feature for those of us with multiple users is a 'recommend to' button, basically the idea is that there would be an option to recommend this movie/show to an(other) user(s) on your server or possibly something like shared favourites would also be a nice touch, where as you could share your personal favourites with others who use your server. No idea if it's possible, hard or easy, just thought it would be a nice touch
  14. Hello, at the moment i see no way to exclude a media folder from media data scan. Also there is no possibility to start the scan for one media folder sepeatly (or is there a possibility?) my suggestion: - a possibility to deaktivate the media scan for each media folder seperatly. (as option at the libyary properties) - a button at the root of a media folder: scan now cu Taurec
  15. Hi, My archive is filled with resumable items that I started playing and did not finish playing, ages ago. I want a timeout like "X days to Remember Resume Information" on Resume Settings, where after that period, that item will reset. Best
  16. hello there could we get a 'duplicate this user'-button or something similar? would be nice if you have several users to set up with the same configuration. or perhaps something like groups with different (customizable) configurations, so new users could be simply added to the desired group. thank you + keep on the good work! regards angelo
  17. Hello, Can you please create an option to hide the metadata info & scenes when streaming a video, so it will only show the video controls. I really love the metadata usage in this soft but I hate the fact that they are shown when watching a film and that they take like 1/3 of my screen. Thanks a lot!
  18. I don't know if this is already possible, but if it is, I'd love it if someone could explain Alright, I've got a computer hooked up to a television screen, I use that to watch my media. However, late at night, I have to turn it down so I don't wake my family. I thought that it'd be a cool feature to be able to plug headphones into my phone, which I usually use to remote control the playback, and hear the sound, allowing me to mute the television, but hear through my headphones. Hopefully you understand what I mean by this, and thanks for your time!
  19. Hi, I think it would be really nice to have a hard drive size, space available, space used dialog in the emby Dashboard. Thanks!
  20. Before coming over to Emby / Media Browser I used XBMC. I had my TV Series folder structure like the following TV Series - Airing TV Series - Concluded I then told XBMC to not refresh the data in the TV Series - Concluded folder (Excluded from libary updates). Once a TV series had finished Airing I manually moved it's folder over. This cut my library scans down dramatically and ensured nothing changed with that media. It would be great if there was some way to mark a TV series as concluded in Emby, either manually with a button or automatically with a web lookup. These TV Series would then be excluded from the updated libary scans. We could even have a manual Scan / Update button for when required.
  21. Hi People, First off, Happy New Year to you all! I have a question regarding duplicate movies. When I get my movies I sometimes get early 'CAM' or 'Screener' releases but then download the HD version as soon as it's available, i've been doing this for numerous years but forgot to delete the crappy copies once I've downloaded the HD versions. Now, in my movies folder, I have hundreds of duplicate movie files. So my question to you guys is as follows: Is there any sort of free program (where I can download and use instead of downloading, scanning and then having to pay) to find these duplicate low resolution films?I simply don't have the time to invest sitting there for hours and going through them manually, I would much prefer to just do a scan and then be able to delete the lower resolution finds. Now I've downloaded a few programs (DupeTrooper, easy duplicate finder to name some) and I've scanned my movies folder but these programs are picking up the images as well e.g. If I have say Independence day then these programs are finding 'Independence day-Disc' & 'Independence day-Cover'. I really want a program that can scan for just Movie file types or have that in the options so that it doesn't pick up my images. Thanks for reading, Looking forward to your replies! KayJay
  22. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/84611964/OrderBackdrops.cmd Requires mediainfo and imagemagick command line utilities Background I wanted to keep my backdrops clean of mixed resolution, non contiguous naming, and duplicate images, The script uses imagemagick to yield a comparison value to identify duplicates. Install Download mediainfo and imagemagick clis, Extract to folders of choice Download CMD file above and copy to shell:sendto edit CMD with paths to mediainfo and imagemagick and turn on/off log only Functions For each folder in path, re cursing subfolders) If low res images exist AND 1+ high res then delete low res images If duplicates exists delete duplicates rename backdrops into order - backdrop.jpg, backdrop1.jpg, backdrop2.jpg, etc creates a processed.txt in every processed folder, in case needs to be rerun...they can be easily deleted once happy Usage Test 1st before using on real folders Right click a folder eg. movie and send to the script, each separate folder is enumerated separately The threshold value should be increased/decreased if duplicates are not being detected/uniques being detected as duplicates. use imagemagick\compare -metric NCC backdrop1.jpg backdrop2.jpg null: manually from the command line to find a threshold value for comparison for use in your script Notes Backdrop order is not well respected, backdrop.jpg (the first one) shouldn't be deleted, unless it is a low res image amongst 1 or more high res images..Backdrop 11 will be ordered higher than Backdrop 2 due to batch order. As with all my scripts its very crude, im guessing as i go along. The Comparison function of image magic, could be improved upon, there may be quicker more appropriate functions and the use of a threshold could break out of comparison once its known to be different enough (for performance considerations) Temporary files could be used to compare different resolution images, but that would take even longer and would require more understanding of imag magick comparison than i have. if i could get the comparison value out of image magic without using a file, it would be more media browser change detection friendly. have tried to use identity function to compute a quick hash to weed out 100% identity quickly, however the duplicates in practise are too nuanced for this function to yield match. advice as always welcomed... The NCC comparison can deal with different jpg quality factors, but cant detect identity where there is a slight offset between the two images, or if one image is a subimage of another (would be too computationally intensive, besides the script is looking for more identical ness that that..eg same image on fanart and tmdb.. edit fixed crash when_result was not defined
  23. 3.0.5526.29593 Similar to http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/topic/8745-artist-listed-twice-in-album-artist-folder/?hl=duplicate In a similar way as to how it is impossible to identify incorrect similar artist ID3 tags from within MBS.... due to MBS Person and Artist views showing the Artist/Person names as matched rather than as is.... and the content against the Matched Person/Artist rather than Person/Artist as is... People Views also exhibit this problematic symptom..eg abby eliott The two source entities which created these two objects are 'Abby Elliot' and 'Abby Elliott'... in this case the 2nd 'incorrect' person object 'Abby Elliot' came from a gueststars tag on a series.xml.... Unfortunately it is impossible to use MBS to find the offending tag/source object and correct... because 1. The person/artist object is shown as matched rather than as is...so searching for the incorrect value outside MBS is obfuscated..(although looking at the IBN entry/path can help) 2. clicking on both person objects in UI shows content for the same matched person on the fetcher...NOT...the content which precipitated the object. Clicking one of the objects..the object for 'Abby Elliott' should show 3 episodes of HIMYM where the actor is defined...and it does... Clicking on the other object ..the object for 'Abby Elliot' (also shown as 'Abby Elliott') should show 1 Series of HIMYM where the actor is defined. but it doesnt... its shows the previous / same as above... Another example..i have 3 "Weird Al" Yankovic..s clicking on each one yields the following unique URLS http://localhost:8096/web/itembynamedetails.html?id=12980317ee5e2d0a0858a58977ff5620&context=tv&topParentId=f0a9d2c6947d6c6defaa52c7af70e0b8 http://localhost:8096/web/itembynamedetails.html?id=f6a10a3fe8863fc089849e76375dbd52&context=tv&topParentId=f0a9d2c6947d6c6defaa52c7af70e0b8 http://localhost:8096/web/itembynamedetails.html?id=f3ac96f426691445d1ffd6c74a616c11&context=tv&topParentId=f0a9d2c6947d6c6defaa52c7af70e0b8 but they all show the same content...the same movie 'the naked gun'.. The feature request is.... to name the Artist/Person objects in their respective views, as is not as matched... to not hide the content from the user which precipitated the object in the view..eg (the tags on) the tracks which precipitated the artist or e.g. the TVDB actor metadata which precipitated the person. or better yet...in this example There should be two person objects, one Abby Elliot - Identified and Matched (because it does) - showing content for 'Abby Elliott' and the other Abby Elliot - Not identified or Matched (because it doesn't) - Show content for 'Abby Elliot' Then when the duplicate/incorrect entry is identified...it would be obvious why..and the correction simple... thanks for considering..
  24. Hi everyone. I am having a issue where some shows seasons duplicate them selves in the web client view I have tired manually scanning the library, restarting the server, clearing the cache, using a different computer but nothing has worked so far. This is what i'm seeing on the web client. And in the meta data viewer. The duplicated seasons media info looks like this, everything blank apart from season name, path and date added: All my shows follow the same folder structure and naming convention Example: Does anyone have any ideas on what could be going on? Thanks
  25. im85288

    Cinema Trailers

    Would be great if MB3 could provide a way to watch a specified number of random trailers prior to watching a Movie to create a sort of Cinema experience. In XBMC there is a plugin known as Cinema Experience that takes it to a high level of customisation: http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Add-on:Cinema_Experience It also seems Plex has just added this as a cool feature (along with automatic support for extras): https://blog.plex.tv/
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