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  1. I'm sure if this has been ask for but how about an app for the Phone or Tablet that can be used a remote control for Emby Theater (PC) like how there Smart TV app on Phone and Table can do it.
  2. as the title says, would it be possible to add UHD to the list of filter options ? Thanks Andy.
  3. wp.rauchholz

    Live TV for satellites

    Implement DVB-S2 broadcasting standard for Satellite Digital Video Broadcasting in Live TV
  4. Under devices you can see the user who last used the device, but it also would be nice if it had a timestamp of the last use also. Thanks for the great product as always!
  5. Setup a configurable media-folder on the main screen, as part of the normal library folders. When you click on it, you'd see, for example, a virtual folder with a decade, when clicking on that you see all movies you have in your library from that decade. My Media -> Movies per Decade -> 1940's -> Casa Blanca -> Citizen Kane -> My Darling Clementine -> ..... -> 1950's -> 12 Angry Men -> A Streetcar Named Desire -> Gentlemen Prefer Blondes -> ..... etc. This could also be used for Genre, Year, Actors and more
  6. joaorsfonseca


    Add a new secion along side with Continue Watching, Lastest and so on... Possibility of adding movies to it. Also allow it to managed outside emby on a plugin for example. Thanks.
  7. Protektor

    Movie Collections

    It would be nice if when you are looking at a movie that it would show the collection of movies that a movie is a part of. Plex already does then when you are a viewing a movie if it is in a collection it will show the collection for that movie and all the movies in the collection. As an example if you are viewing a James Bond movie in the "James Bond Collection" it has a section titled "Collection" and shows something like 15 or whatever that you can scroll through when you click on the right. I do know that the "James Bond Collection" if you have every Jame Bond movie is more than will show up on the movie page to scroll through. It would be nice also if once a movie is over in a collection it would offer the option to automatically go to the next movie in the collection. This way you could do a "Lord of the Rings" marathon, as an example.
  8. Hi team! I think it would be nice if the search engine in emby could not only try to find a movie in the database based on the movie title, but also on the original title For example, I run my own emby server in French and all my movies tittles are in French.. thing is, if I don't remember the title in French, but I know the original title, I have to google it first because even if the original title is in the information metadata, emby can't find it What you think about that? The information is already available in emby.. So I guess it's not that much harder to do it that way.. but I could be wrong! Thanks, Lewis
  9. Lamista

    Reverse Tag

    Tagging feature is excellent, BUT a reverse tag that would allow a tagged movie to pass the Parental Control barrier would be nice...There a re some PG-13 movies I let me y kids watch. As it is right now I have to open all pg-13 movies and tag all the ones I dont want then to watch...its about 90% of the pg 13 movies that I have to block.
  10. It'll be nice to add a control option to limit users from 1-5 devices, to make sure that users aren't watching from multi devices the same network and same time. thanks. MK
  11. Not sure if this is a feature request or assistance in setting up server. If it is possible, please point me in the right direction. Here is the situation: The local cable/ISP has decided that CAPS are a great way of making a little more money to cover the losses from streaming services. So, I now have limits on the amount of data I can stream without getting into massive bills on a monthly basis. So I have set up one server with all of my captured/stored media (DVD's, etc.). It is on one ISP connection with a data cap. I would like to set-up a second server for access to Cable TV on a different ISP connection to balance the load. Streaming of live (cable) tends to suck up data fairly quickly. I typically stream to a vacation home. With more and more time being spent there, the data used is getting close to the CAP limits. For integration purposes, is it possible to merge the two servers into one screen on different players (Roku, Android, etc.) so that the experience is seamless? I know I can have different Servers on the Log-in screen, but was hoping to pull it all together as one. Thanks for any assistance. If not something that can be done now, please add this as a feature request. TIA!!!
  12. osak00006

    Bulk Edit Info

    Hi Guys, Would it be possible to add "Edit Info" when editing multiple items at once? I appreciate that not all data points would match, but even if Emby could only display those that do match, it would be a tremendous help. When it comes to editing movie collections, it's a huge pain after running the collections plugin again, as it breaks my custom collections unless I remove the TheMovieDB collection ID from Edit Info, for each movie, and then Lock the item. Goal usage for me would be: Mass "Edit Info" for movies in a collection -> Remove Collection ID -> Lock Items -> Save
  13. Could you consider adding the option to share a playlist across specific or all users when it is created? Possibly a button, or even within the settings? Editing the xml for every playlist works, but I would enjoy the convenience of having this as an option. Thank you.
  14. I like to have my server available externally, don't want anyone to be able to login/see my users. I already have set up so users internally do not have to use their password, but I am wanting a way to have users visible only internally. Each user could have a three option toggle titled "Manual Login" with the options "Always", "Never", and "External Only". This way I could hide users that will never stream in home, but make it easy for my in-home Fire TV or Roku users to just select their name and sign in.
  15. as a fail safe measure in (direct paths) to libraries if we deleted something (may be by mistake) the deleted content go to recycle bin not deleted totally , this could be option in setting and on by default
  16. K20ItachiUCHIHA

    Display Movies per page.

    Hello there, Under Movies only 100 movies are displayed on a page. I'd like to change this to more , 500 or infinity. Thanks! Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
  17. Hi, Just as the title says - it would be great to have an option in the parental controls to only include content with a particular (or set) of tags. Thanks! -Jason
  18. Hi, I've seen this topic pop out few times, Is there a way to provide folder browsing for dlna same as via webapp folder structure browsing? Basicly when I have a structure like this - Movies ---Directory 1 -- movies here... ---Directory 2 -- movies here... ---Directory 3 -- movies here... --- lots of other movies here... The directores will show up in webUI properly when browsing via "folders" - but DLNA will not show subfolders - evereything will be stacked together on same level - Is there a config file option i need to touch to enable this functionality - every other dlna server that I used has this feature, it is especially useful for music albums, or multiple tv series browsing. I'm using Version under Ubuntu 16.04.
  19. Emby already has filters build in to sort through your media but what would be even better would be allowing the user to save filters and have an easy way of selecting that view. For example I might want a view showing all comedies released from 1990-1999, all unwatched movies rated G from 2017, favorite action movies, etc. Let us save these filtered views and have them easily accessible from the landing page. If the filtered views can be shared between users even better.
  20. skynet600

    Duplicate artist

    Dear Support, I have a minor but very annoying duplicate in my music for artist and album artist. This duplicate only exists within Emby and in all applications like server web, ipad, and emby for windows. The duplicate doesn't exist in plex, itunes or indeed Emby's metadata manager. The content of the two a-ha's below is the same. I can play all albums in each. The only difference is the path on one is appdata and not the media itself. The image is also different as you can see. I have tried to delete the appdata entry but it re-appears. No amount of sync or clean has worked. I have also tried to rename the A-Ha entry as I think this is the one that is wrong. All other items in my library are pointing to the media and not appdata. Thank you, Russ.
  21. Hi, I will like to know if in future updates you guys could add this feature "password for a specific folder" I have one folder with wallpapers: nature, cars, but also adult one.. so... will be nice to have a password. So everyone will see the general folder "wallpapers" and access to all sub-folders (cars , nature etc. , except "Adult" folder where you need a password.) Regards, Spirit
  22. Hello, i just installed Emby Server on my Synology DiskStation. As i wanted to start the Server i became the answer "The package task could not be executed". So the Server is still down. Can somebody help? cheers, Denis
  23. Hi there, we love emby a lot. It works fine in our Mixed Win 10, Android and iOS environment. Today my little child ask me to take his most favourite radio play with my iPhone so could listen it again in the car. I found some basic sync options but none of them working with an up-to-date iOS. So an implementation of this feature would be great.
  24. Hello, I wanted to know and or request a feature for the Metadata-Manager. E.g. I am editing with easyTag my audio files and especially for the Genre to group them better in Emby itself. Especially for Audiobooks. Sometimes the updates are not noticed by Emby even when I trigger a re-scan of the library. The old values for the genre simply stick. And I'd like to be able to mass change a field also with Emby. For example changing the genre for everything which is SciFi to Science Ficton. Do I currently miss something about how to update? Do I trigger it wrong? Furthermore if I'd like to be able to change some tags for the album and Emby should apply this recursively to the files within the album. Right now it is totally independent. Greetings.
  25. It would be really nice if there were more granular permissions per user. Right now you can only give a user broad delete permissions. I don't want users deleting anything except for TV Recordings (and ideally only ones that they owned or recorded unless the user had admin delete permissions or something). Right now I have only an admin account that is used to delete media and have to periodically go through and clean out recorded TV because users can't delete themselves.
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