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Emby for iOS Updated with New Video Player, Wake on LAN, and more



Version 1.5.1 is currently rolling out. Here are the highlights:


New Video Player


The app can now direct play quite a few formats thanks to the new video player. This results in less transcoding on your Emby Server and a better playback experience.


Wake On Lan


The app can now send wake on lan signals to your Emby Server. To send a wake on lan signal, select the "Wake Server" option on the app's server connection screen.


Other Improvements

  • Add photo albums to search results
  • Add playlists to search results
  • Add aspect ratio control to video player


Bug Fixes

  • Fix Chromecast disconnect not terminating Chromecast session
  • Fix intermittent video crashes
  • Fix iPhone X display issues



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New iOS player is awesome. Thank you

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can it direkt play: h265/acc in mkv?

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can it direkt play: h265/acc in mkv?



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