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Introducing the new Emby Theater for Windows and the Web



Download for Windows: https://emby.media/emby-theater.html
Try the online web app: http://tv.emby.media and https://tv.emby.media - supports the latest versions of Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.


This app has been a long journey and we're finally pleased to announce availability for Emby Premiere subscribers.


On Windows, the Same Great Video Player in a Brand New App


The app retains the same great Direct Show audio and video player that you're accustomed to, including all of it's bells and whistles with Madvr and other perks. Andrew Van Til from Missing Remote has been helping us and we can't thank him enough. This app has been truly a massive team effort.


You might be wondering what took you guys so long? This is essentially our third major design of the app. You're all familiar with the original. We then began an overhaul built with C# and WPF, and by overhaul, we mean a re-write from the ground up. Then in early 2015, I began scheming about the idea of a full-featured HTPC app built with HTML. It is my belief that Web API's have evolved to the point where they are now truly the best option, and that led to another fresh start building the app from the ground up. Make no mistake, this is not a Smart TV app ported to the HTPC, this is a new app designed to support all the bells and whistles you've come to expect.


So what's different about this new app? Read on!


A Modern App for Modern Times


The interface for this app has been built with HTML, but this is nothing like the web apps you're accustomed to. This has been built purely with modern features that bring a level of performance that wasn't even possible a year ago at this time. For the nerds out there, that means WebAnimations, WebComponents, Service Workers, Polymer, and on and on.


To run this app on Windows, we've utilized Chromium, Electron, and NodeJS. Then we replaced the web audio and video player with a player built specifically for Windows (mentioned above). With HTML and JavaScript as the basis, the possibilities are going to be endless.


To release the app on other platforms such as Linux, Mac or Android, we would follow the same process and provide you with the best audio and video players that the platforms have to offer.


Pretty soon we'll have additional announcements on how you can build skins with HTML, and we can't wait to unveil that.


Designed for 10ft, but Works Great With a Mouse and Touch Input


We've put a lot of effort into all three input mechanisms. We want this app to work well however you'd like to use it. We think the best way is a remote, but if you'd like to scroll with the mouse or swipe with your finger, that works great too.


Note: Although the app supports touch input, it does not currently have any mobile designs, therefore it is not ideal for small screens.


Sharper and Crisper Than Ever Before


The first thing you'll notice when playing with the new app is just how much crisper it is. How has this been achieved? Unlike the previous version of the app (and Emby for WMC), the new Emby Theater renders at resolution without any form of UI scaling. This will create more work for the theme developer to design for different resolutions (720p, 1080p, 4k, etc), but the results are worth it.


We love the old Emby Theater, but this is going to make it look like an old tube TV.




Silky Smooth Animation


The next thing you'll notice is just how fluidly the interface navigates. Dramatic performance improvements have been made over the previous app. Almost everything on-screen is animated and it really helps make the app more pleasant to use.




Emby Theater Going Multi-Platform


We want to bring this app to as many platforms as we can, including Smart TV's, Android, and others. With HTML as the basis we have a foundation that will allow this app to run on just about anything.


6-Button Control


There will be no more fumbling around trying to figure out what button does what. The new app will be easy for anyone to pick up and use without any learning curve. All functions are being designed around 6 buttons - up, down, left, right, ok, and back. Your family members and guests will have no trouble controlling the new Emby Theater.


If You Can Do HTML and CSS, You can Build Themes for Emby Theater


Many of you have probably worked with HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Building themes and plugins is as simple as forking existing samples on Github and creating your own versions. We're excited to see what you come up with. We'll have more info on this coming soon.


Rediscover your Content with Recommendations


A popular feature from other Emby apps is finally making it's way to Emby Theater.




New Music Interface


The app finally has a design that makes sense for music.






Live TV


Watch Live TV, browse the guide, and manage your recordings.






Details Gone Vertical


A common complaint over the detail screen of the current Emby Theater is that it's pretty but slow to navigate. We went back to the drawing board and decided to take a little inspiration from Android TV. It is now much, much faster to browse through detail screens.






Wait, if This is HTML...


Does that mean the built-in web app could be made to animate as smoothly as Emby Theater?


Yes! It can, and it will. But the built-in web app has to support older browsers such as Internet Explorer, so it will take a little longer to get there.


So Which Version Should I Use?


It really depends. For most users, we suggest that if you need HD Audio Bitsreaming, External Players, or MadVR, you'll want to use the native windows app. For everyone else, the web app with Chrome running in full-screen is a great option.


Download for Windows: https://emby.media/emby-theater.html
Try the online web app: http://tv.emby.media and https://tv.emby.media (supports the latest versions of Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge)

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Recommended Comments

I seem to be in an endless pin code loop.


I have a valid premiere subscription.

Trying from external Network


I go onto the link, only the HTTP as I get nothing at all from HTTPS. It then starts up and asks me to login and use the pin code. I put the code in and go back to the web player and try to watch a video but only get the links to get premiere or watch a minute. 


Other web player still working fine but curious if I'm doing something wrong on this new one.





EDIT: Sorted it out. It was the registered email to payment email difference that was causing it.

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Hi, this is what happens when it fails to validate your premiere status, although we should obviously show a friendly message. please post in the community with a server log and we can try to find out why this is happening. Thanks.




It would have been really nice if it was brought to my attention BEFORE THE INSTALL that this is CRIPPLEWARE and fails to function for more then 1 minute unless you have paid for Premiere Emby. A complete waste of my time and It feels like a very cheap attempt to sucker me into try before i buy .. thanks but not interested in that kind of promotion, appears very deceitful. good luck

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It would have been really nice if it was brought to my attention BEFORE THE INSTALL that this is CRIPPLEWARE and fails to function for more then 1 minute unless you have paid for Premiere Emby. A complete waste of my time and It feels like a very cheap attempt to sucker me into try before i buy .. thanks but not interested in that kind of promotion, appears very deceitful. good luck


Hi, it was mentioned in this announcement and is also mentioned right on the download page next to the download button. The previous version is still available if you prefer. Hopefully you'll see some value in the time and effort we're investing in the new app and give it some consideration, but if not, we have plenty of free options available.

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I'm getting this error, "Connection Failure - We're unable to connect to the selected server right now. Please ensure it is running and try again." I can access it using the the software on my PC(Emby Theater), my iPad and my iPhone using the iOS app, and browser if I go to app.emby.media, but I always get that connection failure when trying tv.emby.media.

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Even this 1.0 version runs amazing for me. Everything is super smooth and looks great.


One feature I really need, that shouldn't be too hard to implement, is an audio delay setting. My TV has input lag when I send it a 1080p24 signal, so I have to fix this by putting a 150ms delay into my MPC-HC audio renderer. If Emby theater could get this soon, I can finally use it 100% of the time!


Count me in for this, I need this also as an default setting in the player for my TV.


I could define this in ffdshow for windows and kodi on android but never in any emby app (emby for AndroidTV has it while playing the video, but not as default setting).

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WOW!  I'm blown away.  I was playing around with the beta version and this feels like leaps and bounds ahead of that.  Fantastic job!  Now I just have my fingers crossed that the Apple TV app will be very similar.  I love how Emby Theater will play Movie and TV Theme Videos in the background.  Any time I show this application off to my Plex friends I get a jaw-dropping response.  I can't wait to show them this.


Very nice job

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how does it perform with the 200?


My guide cuts off at 441 channels, missing the last 600 channels. No performance issues with 441 channels. Channels 1000+ are my HD channels so it would be nice to have those :)

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Finally music does in deed make sense now,  I used to get so lost in there, I never used it..


Now to get that darn Favorites and Playlists creation incorporated ... LOL


job well done, thank you again

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Hey Luke, Emby Team,

Is off-line sync available with this new Emby Theatre? I downloaded it but can't find it... It only seems available on the 3rd party app which given I've paid for the lifetime membership I'd prefer to see this included in your suite of products (given its stated in the feature set of the premiere page, sync to mobile with win 8.1) than spend more money getting additional apps for my client laptops.



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Been hanging on to Windows Media Center as long as I can. Even got it running on Windows 10. Very excited to finally see something that may actually replace it. Watching Live TV definitely needs a channel up/down feature but all in all a great start to something that I am certain will become spectacular.

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Been looking forward to this as a replacement for Emby for MC!


1 issue, when I enter my password and hit return it opens the onscreen keyboard and not sign me in.


Is this expected?


It's a bit of a gotcha. Since "ok" and "enter" are not separate commands, you have to plonk in your password, then hit "down" to highlight the button, then press "ok".

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