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Emby Theater for Windows Updated With Improved Performance, Better HDR, and More

Posted by Luke , 12 March 2020 · 10581 views

Emby Theater 3.0.11 is currently rolling out. Here are the highlights.


Improved Performance


Scrolling performance in the app has improved considerably. The paging buttons are gone and you can now easily flick your way through large lists. The A-Z pickers have also been improved and will help you scroll through large libraries more easily.


Better HDR


Backed by mpv 0.32, HDR playback has improved considerably in this new release.


Other Improvements

  • New Black theme option
  • Redesigned menu for add to Playlist and add to Collection


Windows Desktop: https://emby.media/emby-theater.html


Posted Image

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When you say better HDR, does that mean it’s detected by your TV so it switches to HDR defined settings (pass through)?
I don’t really use Emby for any 4K HDR content because of this, compared to the difference using MPC with Madvr. Everything else I find equal though...
Strictly looking at your screenshot I'm disappointed to see that navigation hasn't improved. We are desperately in need of at least a Home button but ideally there should be buttons to quickly move between Home, Movies, TV, Live TV, and Recordings.

Edit: I just read a post you made in another thread stating that you are going to unify the interface with the web app. Please disregard my disgruntlements.
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I am using the "Change display refresh rate to match video" option, and it's been working fine for a while. After updating to 3.0.11 I have noticed that the refresh rate still changes when I start a video, but it doesn't change back when the video is finished. Admittedly I have not done any troubleshooting on this issue like reinstalling or anything like that, but maybe others have noticed it as well.

I have been ignoring EMBY for the reason stated below. But first, I am curious what "rolling out" means exactly. Does it mean that my numerous installs will be updated automatically?

Now, the reason I ignore EMBY has to do with "Closed Captioning." I am unable to get CC to work at all with ROKU or the (client) PC App (Windows 10). With Shield they show up but not with my custom settings. With the Fire TV Cube it seems (today) to be working as expected. I mainly use ROKU for my TV viewing but do spend time with the other devices.

Has that (the CC) issue been resolved with this new version?

Gradia Giuseppe
Mar 15 2020 01:07 PM

ho fatto abbonamento per un mese per provate ma sul mio mac non riesco a vedere niente 

Still can't search the guide while watching a channel. Still narrated/audio description track heard when watching TV even if changed on the audio tab. When will these be fixed ?

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So when I go to the shows screen its pretty messed up...5e7606d3d0c38_Capture.png

So when I go to the shows screen its pretty messed up...5e7606d3d0c38_Capture.png

Hi, can you please try restarting the app? Thanks.

Yup that fixed it....

Awesome! :D


better HDR & Black theme are very welcome.

But improved scrolling is the best :)

Mar 24 2020 08:36 AM

Awesome! :D


better HDR & Black theme are very welcome.

But improved scrolling is the best :)

I second that !

chapter skip would be a welcome feature as well (just sayin)

ET is now a pleasure to use !


Thanks for the update! But media controls are still missing. :(

thank you so much for improving the HDR playback... really appreciated!!!  made a big difference!!!  This product was the best investment I have made in a long while!




Emby Theater is good but live tv is almost unusable in it's current state using tvmosaic plugin. Slow channel switching,NAR audio can't turn off, can't search guide without backing out of currently watched channel etc.