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Emby for Apple TV - Improved playback and Live TV Guide



A new release of our Apple TV app is rolling out now with improved playback for native-supported formats (mp4) and a much-improved Live TV guide experience. Should be hitting your devices soon.

New Features


Native Player


We've re-introduced the native tvOS player back into Emby. The native player supports dynamic range and refresh rates that the MPV-based player currently doesn't support. The native player is enabled by default but you can enable MPV by going into the settings as shown below:



Live TV Re-write


We've re-written all the Live TV screens in the app which include a grid-based EPG, better image handling and general alignment with the features of the web app. Here's a sneak peek at the screens:




Folder Screen Re-write


We've re-written our folder screens to align with similar capabilities of the Movies, TV and Live TV libraries. You'll see higher quality images, better sorting, filtering, and navigation options among other capabilities:



You'll also see similar improvements across other libraries like Music Videos.


Added a Photo Player


In previous versions of Emby you had to manually navigate photos and you had no way to play a slide show of photos. In this release we've added a photo player to simplify that process.


Bug Fixes / Minor Improvements:

  • Fixed a bug that prevented audio playback if there was no album art
  • Fixed a bug on the trailer detail view when there was no backdrop image
  • Fixed a bug that had chevrons and checkmarks displaying incorrectly in dark mode across the app
  • Fixed a bug where if you were on the detail of an item, went to the home screen and selected that same item in the Top Shelf it'd add another detail view to the stack and make you have to back out twice to dismiss it
  • Fixed a bug where Remember Me wouldn't properly toggle
  • Fixed a bug where the Resume button image wouldn't display after stopping and the detail screen refreshes
  • Fixed a bug where the Top Shelf would be empty while a recording was in progress when the recording was in the Movies library
  • Fixed a bug where a Movie Trailer view wouldn't load if it didn't have a background image
  • Fixed a bug where the proper image for the Live TV library wouldn't show
  • Remember Me changes now take effect the next time the app restarts to minimize the impact when changing the setting
  • Improved Home Screen refresh reliability
  • Improved login flows for better reliability
  • Changed the delete icon on the detail views to be a trash can
  • Changed the artist icon on the album detail view to match the Apple artist icon
  • Changed the select audio or versions icon to the Apple versions icon
  • Removed in-app restart capability due to a couple tvOS related bugs that result in the loss of refresh functionality

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Recommended Comments



Great improvement! I only miss support for HEVC HDR direct streaming in MKV containers ;)

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Everything is working perfectly except for HDR in MKV containers as @vdatanet said. 

I hope you can release an update supporting it soon. 

Keep the excellent job!




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this breaks my iptv using m3u tuner. not working now, was working with the previous version.


my iptv still works with ipad/iphone app and web broswer, but on apple tv app, not working.





iptv is still working, its just that its a different way of doing thing, now you have to press the play button on the apple tv remote. also my channel logos on apple tv app were gone. not sure how to fix it though.


channel logos when using ipad/iphone app and web browser displays fine.


is there a required logo size/dimension for the logos of the iptv channels for it to display on the apple tv app?

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huge improvement! thank you.


unable to sort the "Favorite Channels" on IPTV so they are first both in "Guide" and "Channels" tabs

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huge improvement! thank you.


unable to sort the "Favorite Channels" on IPTV so they are first both in "Guide" and "Channels" tabs

@milan1234 -- Does the Apple TV app behave differently than the Web app with respect to this behavior?

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I had some problems with anime episodes where there was just a black screen when using the native player on apple tv.

My guess is that it has something to do with audio tracks and smart subtitle selection.

Switching back to MPV fixes the black screen playback issue.

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