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Major Update to our Android TV/Fire TV App - rolling out now

Posted by ebr , 27 January 2020 · 30669 views

The update for the Android TV and Fire TV apps rolling out now is a biggie. Lots of improvements in design, consistency and features so let's get right to it...


New Home Screen


Posted Image


The home screen is now much more consistent with the rest of the app and makes it much easier to get to features like search, settings, and switching between users as these are now at the top instead of all the way on the last row.


Posted Image


Also, there is a new option in Display Settings called "Enhanced Home Screen". This is actually the old "Show Info Panel" option re-named because it now transforms the home screen into the same interface you've had in the library views - where you can easily see all the details for the selected item without having to navigate into its detail page.


Posted Image


Global Favorites


Long requested and finally available with this home screen design - a global favorites view for all your favorite items across all your libraries.


Posted Image


New Audio Player Design


The audio player interface has been totally re-vamped to be just like the new improvements on the other platforms. Bigger, simpler, more elegant.


Posted Image


More Filtering in Grid Views


The Movie and TV Show grid views now offer much more filtering capability. The quick toggles for favorite and unwatched are still there but you can also bring up a filter dialog with more of the options you are accustomed to in the web app (and more to come in later releases).


Posted Image


Notice - you can also select multiple values from each of the filter categories.



Edit/Download Subtitles


Just sat down to watch something and realize it doesn't have the subs you need? Now edit, search for and download subtitles right from your couch (requires proper setup of Subtitle Downloaders).


Posted Image


Other Fixes and Improvements


In addition to all those great enhancements, the following items were added or addressed:

  • Add "included In" row on detail screen showing collections, playlists, etc.
  • Improve song display
  • Search for Artists instead of Album Artists in search
  • Update Exoplayer
  • Improve image loading
  • Fix collections limited to certain number of items
  • Implement "play from here" on video grid
  • Implement "add to playlist" for most items
  • Allow letter jump list to scroll
  • Option to show labels or not on all grid views
  • Fix some views not reacting to deleted items
  • Fix a number of possible "black screen on start" issues
  • Implement standard genre grid for music
  • Improve "On Now" row to show more relevant channels
  • Implement ability to edit padding on individual scheduled recordings
  • Fix unable to play item when audio cannot be mixed down locally
  • Implement seeking in audio player
  • Fix chapter OSD display issue
  • Add support for direct play of m4a
  • Add 4K indicator to guide
  • Implement "My Media Small" display
  • Add separate resolution switching option (in addition to frame rate)
  • Fix display of very long album/song names in list view

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What's the version number?

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Nice!  Cant wait to see it.  What is the trigger to see the 4K indicator in the guide?

Jan 28 2020 12:07 PM

Awesome! I can't wait to test it.

Nice!  Cant wait to see it.  What is the trigger to see the 4K indicator in the guide?


EPG Data for UHD Sources.. which right now would mostly be custom XML EPG for IPTV.. 

Jan 28 2020 01:41 PM

boa tarde.. alguém sabe o pq o aplicativo Emby do xbox one não esta saindo som quando reproduz qualquer filme.

Is this on the beta or stable channel for Android TV? Not seeing it on my Shield (beta channel).

How do I get this update on my FireTV cube?

Sorry for the delay guys.  Both stores are having issues delivering the update but we hope to have this resolved soon.

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Anything new to the people who use Samsung SmartTv ? (TIZEN)

Jan 29 2020 05:51 PM

will this new version have the ability to store login for multiple emby servers? To do autologin like the iOS app does when connecting to multiple servers. 

Will there be an update to the Roku Ultra also?

Can we expect this on Google App Store before the weekend?

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Anything new to the people who use Samsung SmartTv ? (TIZEN)

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Having beta now, bit did not see any updates on shield yet..

Just want to say - Thank You.

Nice improvements.

Feb 01 2020 12:53 PM

Please Update for nvidia Shield Pro, for Movie Theme Videos, i have everything setup but it only play sound and not videos, obviusly in my samsung tv it does play  Theme Videos.

Update... I found one small issue with the update on my FireTV cube. Sometimes when I delete a recording it does not get removed from the recording list. If I go to another menu item and then go back to the recordings then the one I deleted is gone. Basically, sometimes the recordings don't refresh when an item is deleted but sometimes it does refresh. I will try and see if there is a pattern to this.

Stores resolved yet ?  Still nothing on Shield TV 2017..  regardless, looks great, cannot wait to check out actual


Update: Got it on my phone but not on my Shield TV

fast forward does not work on android tv

Random crashes when starting and navigation on TCL Android TV

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