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Update to DSM 7 has caused issues


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Good morning Cayars...

First I would like to thank you for all of your help on this forum. It is greatly appreciated.

I decided to do a fresh install of DSM7 and Emby. I first installed DSM7 and then EMBY. I used the EMBY in the Synology package store and it installed without incident. I then rebuilt all of my libraries and again everything worked just fine. Next I installed from the EMBY plugin catalog, the plugins that I use. They installed OK. Now we get to the problem. I use the virtualTV plugin and it has to be installed by hand. The process is simple, you just copy the plugin to the EMBY plugin folder and restart EMBY. Afterwards virtualTV shows up as a plugin. The problem is that EMBY ignores the virtualTV plugin in the plugin folder. I also tried to install another user installed plugin and it too was ignored. If I use the Synology fileStation I can see these plugins (their dll's) in the plugin folder along with all of the other plugins. 

What can I do to get EMBY to recognize the user installed plugin's?


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/volume1/@appdata/EmbyServer/plugins is where you want to put the files.

You likely have one of two things going on.  One is possible permission issues and the other is using a plugin not designed for the server version you are running.

In this case (since I just tested this) I'm sure it's a permission problem but you can view the server log file after startup and you'll see an error.

To fix this use SSH/Putty to go to /volume1/@appdata/EmbyServer/plugins
Then do chmod VirtualTV.dll
Do the same for other plugins not working.

Now restart your server and let us know how it goes!


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Thanks for the help Cayars...

I put the plugin into /volume1/@appdata/EmbyServer/plugins  and everything worked OK.

Thanks again...



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