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Integrate multiple servers to display together in apps


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Now I have 2 servers, one at my home which is the main server, it has most series and movie I want, not just for me also for my parents and friends. And another one is at my school, where I live now.

I use the sever at school because it is local and not limited by the bandwidth, sometimes I switch to the server at home to watch the video which I don't have at school.


If emby apps can integrate multiple servers to display together, there's no need to switch between servers.

The series and movie can be identified by the TVDB/TMDB ID. Therefore videos will not be shown twice. Since emby can identify I'm now in LAN or WAN, it can let apps using the local server. Or, let user to choose a main server, all the series it has will be in priority.

If this feature added, my friends and me can build a larger server by integrating our servers together.

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