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Emby Theatre fails to start - stays in black screen


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Recently, when starting Emby Theatre on my PC the app displays a black screen with only the emby logo on it. I have to guess where the "close window" button is (upper right corner) to kill the app. Windows reports (Task Manager) three Electron and one Emby sessions running, taking 0.2 - 0.3% CPU and about 80 - 82 MB of memory. Last activity before this was to delete a user account through Emby Server on my NAS (QNAP).

After trying Emby on other devices, I found this:

- Emby has this issue on a device accessed by the deleted user.

- There is no problem on a device where the user was not logged in.

- There is no problem on a device with a first-time Emby Theatre install.

From all these, it seems that the deleted user left some traces related to those devices which prevent the app to launch on them. Is there a way to remove a device from Emby's records (not just from the device list, which I did)? Are devices registered by an id or IP address somewhere?

How can I fix this problem?

(10 hours later) SOLUTION:

After a few hours of experiments, Emby Theatre (and similar apps on TV and iphone) came back to normal. It seems that the issue was solved after I stopped the Emby server on QNAP, rebooted the NAS, then restarted Emby.


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Hi there, glad to hear it's resolved now. Thanks for following up.

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