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Audiobooks request: read m4b chapters


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request: have Emby be able to read m4b chapters

About half of the audiobooks I have do have chapters.  I used to use $5 mp3 audiobook player pro but no need anymore on iOS since BookPlayer ($free) does everything.  Only three things BookPlayer doesn't have that mp3 audiobook player pro does have are:

1) search (titles of book library).  Not such a big deal since you can sort them various ways.

2) doesn't list size of m4b book

3) statistics shows last 30 days and average listening time, etc.

None of those are deal breakers so I'm using the free BookPlayer even though I paid for the $5 one.  Ok so from emby server if you use the iOS emby app you can download the m4b audio book and listen to it offline.  Also supports streaming and resuming no problem.  However, it doesn't show chapters even when fully downloaded.

So a workaround is to connect via safari or any browser and navigate to the m4b audiobook on the emby server then click the ... (3 dots) and choose Download.  It says view or Download.  Choose download then save it to Files then open that up and open it up in BookPlayer and then I got chapters.

Flacbox ($4 in-app) also can stream from wedDAV or SMB or cloud services but no m4b chapter support.  So not sure if it has to read the entire file but I know it's not part of the metadata since I've stripped out all metadata and all hundreds of m4b audiobooks and the ones that have chapters still show. I strip out all metadata with MusicBrainz Picard so I can use folder based navigation and seems to work semi-decently.

Anyway book player you can view the open source and see the code and see their implementation on how they read chapters for m4b


I'm not a coder so no idea if this is relevant or not

41A1B111226F88C500EA0400 /* Chapter+CoreDataClass.swift */,
41A1B112226F88C500EA0400 /* Chapter+CoreDataProperties.swift */,
41B2AC8D1D43CCE8005382A9 /* ChaptersViewController.swift */,
4140EA76227289B50009F794 /* Chapter+CoreDataClass.swift in Sources */,
4140EA77227289B90009F794 /* Chapter+CoreDataProperties.swift in Sources */,
41A1B139226FEDAD00EA0400 /* Chapter+AVFoundation.swift in Sources */,

oops didn't see this thread. Mod: merge my post into this thread please.

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