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Still no HDR on Apple TV 4K


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26 minutes ago, arrbee99 said:

Also don't do a lot of live tv, but despite that usual comments around here of the rubbish they show, some of its actually pretty decent.

Obviously, one size fits all would be nice, but the Emby app apparently has its HDR bug thing and Infuse doesn't do Live TV like Emby. Might try MrMC which I think is on TV 4Ks and does both, but thats another interface to get used to.

I generally use our Shield, but thought, what the hell, lets see if Apple TV 4Ks are as good as Apple says they are...

I really dislike mrmc, always has way too many bugs and it looks terrible imho. I try it every 6 months or so. But since I rarely use livetv, and, timers are a rare thing and I do it while watching a recording anyway on iPad, I don't miss those functions at all in Infuse. For me, it is (in essence) all in one. With Infuse, I am not missing a thing afaiak.

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4 hours ago, arrbee99 said:

Thanks. Sounds promising. Pity bout the Live TV though. Hopefully a fair bit of that will be covered by On Demand apps for local TV anyway.

Can be made to look like Emby - Is that an Infuse skin or something ?

The lack of Live TV is not a problem for me, some time ago I used it, but because of DRM I must use the applications of my ISP (although Emby's Live TV is much better), free TV without DRM in Spain is of no interest to me.

You can't make Infuse look like Emby but it can be customized, you can even create a HUB on the homescreen from a playlist. That Emby can't do it.

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