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Missing channels viewable on HDHomeRun for FiOS Arlington VA


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So I recently ... well over the holidays... so I guess that is still recent... setup an HD HomeRun Prime with a CableCard and for the most part all is working flawlessly.. but there are a few channels I don't see in emby, but I do see through the HD HomeRun app (which is hideous, thank you emby team for making a much better interface). I'm sure there are other channels, but the 2 I can't fine are 83 and 583 covering FS1 on FiOS. I get FS2 and other DRM channels that are viewable on the HD HomeRun, but not these two. The automatically selected "Emby Guide Data" for my zip code seems to be: USA-VA65087-X 

can we add 

83 - Fox Sports 1

583 - Fox Sports 1 HD


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Hi, If these channels are marked DRM in the app or web app when viewing the channel list they will NOT be available to use in Emby.

So when looking at the web list of channels are they DRM channels?


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ugh... my bad... I was looking at the list via my phone and wasn't zoomed in properly and FS2 is not DRM'd like FS1. This said, I've read elsewhere on the Forums and documentation that any channel the HDHomeRun can view should work with Emby, so I'm guessing that the documentation just needs to be cleaned up a bit. I'll take a look and see if I can find the page causing confusion... it could also be the older pages prior to the move to the new knowledge base.


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Yes please let me know if you see something like this but I just did a quick search in the first paragraph of hdhomerun setup see the following.


"Silicon Dust makes both OTA (Over the Air) models as well as Cable Tuners (using Cable Cards) to Receive DRM free digital cable subscription channels."

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