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(Ubuntu + Docker +) Emby + Tvheadend


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I have created this in the hope it helps others. It isn't very detailed but hopefully enough information to be helpful. Thank you.

My setup:

Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS (I would prefer if this said CEntOS but that's another story)

TurboSight TBS 6280 DVB-T/T2/C (SAA716x dvb adapter)

Docker (I don't think this effects my guide much below but worth mentioning)

Emby (emby/embyserver:latest version on as of 9th January 2021)

Tvheadend (linuxserver/tvheadend:latest version on as of 9th January 2021)


  1. Install required software (Ubuntu, TBS drivers, docker, docker-compose)
  2. Check DVB adapter exists
  3. $ ls /dev/dvb/
  4. Install required Docker images/containers (see attached docker-compose.yml)
  5. $ docker-compose up -d
  6. http://tvheadend:9981 (setup Tvheadend)
  7. Configuration > Start wizard > Language (save and next) >
  8. Access control details (either on this screen or after the wizard create a user with the username * and no password (see attached User login.png)
  9. Tuners and network (configure as required)
  10. Assign Predefined Muxes to Networks (configure as required) > Scanning (save and next) > Map services to channels (configure as required) > Finish
  11. http://emby:8096 (setup Emby)
  12. Settings > Live TV > Live TV > TV Sources > M3U Tuner (http://tvheadend:9981/playlist/channels.m3u)
  13. Settings > Live TV > Live TV > TV Guide Data Providers > Guide Data Setup (configure country as required) and Guide source: XmlTV > File or URL (http://tvheadend:9981/xmltv/channels)
  14. Settings > Users > Access > Recordings


  • Recordings made through the Tvheadend interface are separate to recordings made through the Emby interface.
  • If I haven't mentioned a setting, chances are I haven't changed from the default.
  • Multiple screen shots are attached to help clarify some steps.
  • The M3U link can be tested in VLC media player:
  • Media > Open Network Stream > network URL: http://tvheadend:9981/playlist/channels.m3u
  • The channels link can be tested in an internet browser by pasting the link into the address bar. http://tvheadend:9981/xmltv/channels

I hope this helps someone 🙂

Add access entry.png

Emby TV Source Setup.png

Emby Users Access Recordings.png

Emby Xml TV.png

User login.png


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Thanks for posting this!

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