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How to exclude folders from one profile but not another?


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Hi.  I have 4 profiles set up on my Emby Windows Server.  There is a drive with a lot of media folders.  One folder in particular along with it's subfolders, i would like to have excluded from 3 of the 4 profiles.  

I can't figure out how to get the folders to appear in just 1 profile.  It seems, that it appears in all profiles.  I do not want to exclude the entire drive, just the one set of folders with it's subfolders.

Please advise on what i'm missing.



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So long as the folders concerned are added separately (whether in the same library or not) you can specify in the user profile which folder links are accessible.  Note that in my example I have no libraries with more than one folder link, but it is obvious how that appears when present:



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Thanks.  I had to change my view to LIST first to see the profiles and then i found a check box for "view all libraries".  Upon unchecking that... i found each separate folder/path i had added to the libraries and that solved the issue.  Thank you so much for the help!

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