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Playback freeze since a couple of days / Sony Bravia

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Hi friends,

since a couple of days now even low bitrate direct play freezes frequently in my Sony Bravia. (Like once every 15 to 30 minutes everything freezes for 10 to 60 seconds)

It was working perfectly for months If not years. All other apps and other devices, no problems. Testet LAN and WLAN. Bandwidth is stable. Server settings didnt change like forever.

Does anybody experience the same issues? Was there a recent app update maybe?



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Well we moved to a new place, so, kind of everything. But I can Not see any Problems in my Internet Connection. Everything working just fine. God i have no idea where else to look.

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Is the TV on WIFI or ethernet?

If WIFI how far are you now from the router, how far was it before at your old place?

Have you tested on any other devices?

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