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Just now, vdatanet said:

I'm testing it, give me some time, I will report back later.

Thanks so much! I still have a bit of PTSD from the transition to Catalina, so I'm currently not brave enough to jump right into it. Looking forward to hearing how it's going. :)

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I'm testing a fresh install because I didn't have the Emby server pre-installed. Apparently it works fine, now it is scanning libraries and when finished I will do playback tests.

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I upgraded my server to Big Sur today and my existing install of is running fine. I've connected from a few different local devices and all seems normal.

I did have a few  minor issues with the Big Sur upgrade. I needed to buy an upgrade to Little Snitch 5, Sophos AV was a little problematic at first (and still not 100% functional),  but otherwise a really simple and painfree update overall. 

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