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Direct path greyed out


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During the setup of the client I selected to use direct paths. After the synchronization it defaults to web streaming. If I look into the settings the direct path option is greyed out. 

I have the problem with the native Emby client and also with Kodi (via Emby for kodi).

My Synology NAS doesn't have a powerfull CPU (DS414), so I used direct path as I think the NFS server is built-in and it would require less CPU then the webstreaming.

Secondly, where I live, the movies are not dubbed and we are heavy users of subtitles. That is the reason why I also use Kodi. Kodi has more features to download another subtitle when the current one is not correct. I know that Emby made some good progress in this direction but Kodi still offers more choices. By using direct paths, it shows the full path and filename. webstreaming shows only the user-friendly name (and a URL). It is very difficult to match the subtitle to the movie within the full filename. 

This worked great in the past. There were some issues with the built for the Synology DS414 and I had to uninstall and reinstall it a few times. During the uninstallation all my settings were lost and I had to start over again. I know I should have taken a backup, but it was already to late. I started with a clean installation.

I also purchased a lifetime subscription. I never hit the issue that I need to unlock the application. But you guys gave me great support with the builds for the DS414, so I decided to purchase a lifetime subscription. 

I have the issue on a Nvidia Shield and a Google TV (2020). Both are running Android TV. I have an old PC laying around and I installed Ubuntu on it. This PC has also this problem. 

Any idea how to get back to direct path? 

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Hi.  In the current version, that option onlly applies to External players.  So, if you have de-selected the external player option, this option is not available.

That will change in the next version, but I'm not sure it is actually going to improve anything for you.

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Hi @ebr

How do you explain that it worked before? On the client side nothing has changed. 

The server side was upgraded and a clean install. Plus I also purchased Emby Premiere. 


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2 hours ago, WouterC said:

How do you explain that it worked before?

Unless you are running the beta version of the app, this has only ever worked with external players.  Perhaps you thought it was working before but I can assure you this has always been the case.

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