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Playlist and Users

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I have Emby installed from Standalone and setup to run as a Service, that's all working fine.
Emby is installed on a D: drive because I didn't want to fill my SSD with emby stuffs, not knowing how big it could get.

I live with Me and Two housemates, and have 4 users setup, an Admin user, My user, and my two mate's users.
Now, I am referring to Emby users, NOT windows users. 

The issue I am having is when I create a playlist under my user all the users see it and can edit it.
All google shows me are posts on how to actually share playlists, when in actually, I don't want to do this.

What I am trying to do is have each of us (on our own Emby user) have our own private playlists.

How do I do this?   Thanks.

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you can edit metadata of the playlists you want to be only for yourself and add tag to it (for example ‘wakikrk2002’). Then edit other users’ parental control in the settings and restrict tag ‘wakikrk2000’. That’s it. 

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Well, a functional answer and an authoritative answer, which is best???   
I think I'll give it to one who gets the job done, but it's good to know a system solution is coming.  Thanks!

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