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HELP! "This site can’t be reached"

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Hello. Ultimate minimum user here. My Emby has ceased to function on my PC. This happened after trying to download another server (dungeonmastersvault), after being unable to get that server to function, I uninstalled it. Unsure if this is 100% the cause, but  I have attached the error that pops up in my browser, as well as the most recent logs. The Emby Server icon is in the lower right corner of Windows, and it works fine on both mine and my GF's phone. 
Please help! 

faen i helvette.PNG

embyserver.txt hardware_detection-63738960531.txt

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Do you get the same issue entering

Have you modified Dashboard-Networks at all?

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Go to Task Manager and end all Emby Server and Emby Tray Processes.

Go to search next to start.

Type in Emby.

Select Emby Server.

Report back the results. 

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