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Tunein Radio Images


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Hi all,

New Emby Premiere user here and this is my first post. Loving Emby so far!

I recently installed the Tunein plugin but--aside from one default icon--it does not have any content-specific images. So, I quickly put together a handful of cover images just to get that ugly default logo out of my face. They're not super high quality icons by any means but will do for now. Hopefully some of you will find them useful until someone comes out with a full image pack.


By Language Thumb.png

By Location Thumb.png

FM Radio.jpg

AM Radio.jpg

College Basketball.jpg

College Football.jpg

Hockey Thumb (2).png

Internet Radio.jpg

Local Radio Thumb.png

Music Thumb 2.png

Soccer Thumb.jpg

Sports Thumb.png

Talk Thumb.png


Tunein Podcast Thumb.png



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