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MBC Theme: Xenon

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It's here and it's released and..... free to the community.


To download this theme, simply go into MediaBrowser Classic Main Config, find the plugins tab along the top, go to the plugin catalogue, find Xenon and install.  Restart MBC and select Xenon from the Theme Options tab and you are good to go.


The theme was the original brainchild of myself and BAS where the whole concept was to work well with 360 Extenders which in turn actually means that on any PC it will be extremely fast for navigation, fluid and very stable.


Xenon brings some non standard functions to MBC 


1. Upcoming TV - This allows you to view when future episodes of any of your TV Shows will be next aired

2. Next Up - This will display the next episode you need to watch in any of the TV Shows you are currently watching

3. Actor Bio's - Shows Actor information such as age, birthdate, birthplace and biography.


Shaefurr's Disparity images work amazing with Xenon - Linky Here


Bug Tracker can be found here


Here are quite a few images to wet the appetite including Disparity backdrop images





I would also like to personally thank the following community members for their help :D


@radeon for his help with initial development testing and creating some of the main images and for putting up with me on skype!

@BAS for giving me the get up and go to start this!! Hope you feel better soon bud ;)

@Soultaker for being a mentor and actually making my brain work.

@shaefurr for providing the Artwork for plugin catalogue.

@@buddyweiser, @@Yogi, @@CBers, @@aspdend for their great help testing during the beta phase.

@@yardameus also for his help with beta testing but also for creating the extra styles available.

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Xenon Wiki is available here - Currently a work in progress



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Cheesegeezer addresses the following.


Critical Fixes 
1. (de)selecting "show backdrops" were not updating dynamically.  
2.  if global option to show backdrop was disabled, selecting a couple of options were not enabled.  
3.  Music Video's had no details on the final detail page.  
4.  Moved the Backdrop Alpha to Folder Options (this is still a global setting).  
5.  Next Up now shows Top Level Thumb images if Season Thumbs are not available.
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Cheesegeezer brings a core feature and also a couple of view variations.




1. Add the new "Jump in List" feature to all views. More Info on this Feature




2. Added a Quicklist view option in Detail View







3. Added Flat Coverflow view option for Coverflow View





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Cheesegeezer bring an important Fix and also some cool new features




Get the EHS to force focus Fix Nav Problems
Add logo to backdrop if no thumb available, giving impression of a Thumb
Add Folder Name to RAL
Give user a selection for coverflow position Top, Middle or bottom in the Coverflow Folder Config UI.  Only available when in flat Coverflow view
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Cheesegeezer Bring Major Fixes to the RAL.




FIX Major issues with RAL. Resume not displaying correct items for NonTVShow folders. When returning from a folder to EHS, unwatched list showed RESUME Label.
ADDED Logic to ensure that RAL will default to RecentlyAdded(New) if any other options are incorporated in other themes.
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Cheesegeezer Fixes some more issues I've found or noticed.




Fixed Details Page Play (Both Views) - Using Play or Ctrl+P didn't launch video file direct into fullscreen, only audio could be heard.
Added New Jump in List(JIL) to QuickListView on Details Page
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And the fixes just keep coming!!!!!


Well a couple of fixes, however a couple of new options brought in





Fix for Genres in Detail list not updating correctly when moving thru items

Fix for ThemeVideoBackdrops Plugin - Xenon did not display backdrops when only a themesong is playing. This is now fixed


2 New Options - These only refer to the Poster Positioning and not to allow for these types of images




An Very Poor example of setting Game Poster Layout to Thumb but you get the idea



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Cheesegeezer Update



Folder name on EHS is not shown when you choose not to have the RAL displayed. ;)

Issue with Blank RAL when returning to EHS should also be fixed

Added Concrete backdrop as the theme background, selectable under Theme Options in MBC Main Config


Final Details page - the NEXT/PREV and NPV are all now selectable with a mouse - Big update - bug fixes and features


Huge thanks to @@BAS for all his help with testing and improvements with this update




-- General --

++ Spinners Fixed - If at end jumps to other option - Context menu closes when selecting off for fanart type.
++ Actor Bio Page displays scroller for titles in your collection
++ Fix Watched indicator layout on Actor Bio Collection
-- Details View --
++ Add Poster option to spinner for fanart type in list view and position above overview.
++ Add option to set transparency of thumb.
++ Move Missing/Future Images to ThumbImage.
-- Poster View -- 
++ Make the poster scroller central to all for ease of navigation to config panel.
-- EHS View --
++ Added Backdrop Overlay and Opacity setting
++ NPV added to EHS - can't believe I missed that one


Bugs still to fix

  • Selecting EHS and Favorites Folder prevent user from using the RAL Selector Optios
  • Entering an item and backing back out sometimes doesn't display RAL
  • Backing out of a collection and navigating immediately on EHS forces scroller to the RAL and sometimes doesn't go back to EHS VF scroller


Features to Add

  • Shortlist Implementation - 95% Complete
  • Create a Banner UI or Banner List for Details View - 0% Complete


Hope you enjoy people.

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Cheesegeezer - BETA



Updated Authentication Requirements - Release



Fixed a small bug on Details View, where pressing context menu didn't bring up options for currently selected Item.

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Cheesegeezer - Imdb & Tomatos Ratings Upgrade



This update bring the options for each Folder level to choose the style of rating system you wish to be displayed.


Options are 


Off - No rating system

Star Graph - Shows the Stars

Numeric - Shows Imdb rating in a numeric value in imdb icon.

Rotten Tomato - Shows Rotton Tomatoes rating and icon

Numeric/Tomato - Shows both Imdb and Rotton Tomato Ratings and icon


To Edit the Colors and Fonts for the new feature please read on.


Color for IMDB numeric shares the same color as Star Graph and can be found here to change in the styles mcml file.

<Color Name="StarsColor" Color="255,255,30" />


All Numeric Numbers are taken from the Counter Font and Color

<Font Name="counterFont" Font="InterBold, 14" />

<Color Name="counterColor" Color="210,210,210" />


Example of the Numeric/Tomato selected



Edited by Cheesegeezer
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The New Shortlist feature, only available in Xenon allows you to pick and chose content via the Context Menu (Asterix * Key) and Add or Remove Items from your newly created shortlist. 


It means that you can select Movies throughout any of your collections and add them to a seperate list, for those times when it's difficult to decide what move to watch.


This is the initial release and there is a lot more to come from this feature, however at the moment there is great functionality.


Here's some Screenies to wet the appetite!!




Pressing * on your remote or keyboard brings up the context menu and now allows you to add/remove items from the Shortlist




Once you have chosen some movies, you need to click on the Shortlist Icon in the Config Panel at the Top Right Corner




View your Shortlist




and if you wish to remove items from it, simply press the * Key and select Remove from Shortlist Option




There are options to Close or Clear your Shortlist.


The Shortlist Resets itself if you exit MBC.

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++ Added option to turn off MBNews Scroller

++ Fixed image overlay on Details page again for missing future and remote content.

++ Removed the RAL scroller moving to First Item on EHS, causing weird nav issues at the moment.

++ Fixed Details Thumb image not rotating backdrop when no thumb is available & added logo to the backdrop image now.

++ Add in MB Event Info Panel on all views (Such as "Welcome to MediaBrowser" - "MB-Classic is up to date" - "Refresh [itemName]"

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Cheesegeezer -- Brings Banners to Details



++ selecting the Use Banners will now display banners for your TV Shows, Movies or what ever. 


It's something I've wanted to bring for a long time just never got around to it. I'm not done yet either..... this is phase one.


Here's some screenshots to wet the appetite




Select the UseBanner option in each tier of your TV Shows to display Banners allowing you to customise the feel for your setup




Series Using Banners





Enjoy :D





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