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Downloads - Global Quality Settings


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Aloha Embians,

back again with a proposal.

I recently started using the download function more extensively on my iPhone and I noticed something. When I download a record it downloads (youuuu dont saaaay) and after this I can go into a settings mode per record and set a quality. How does this work? Does Emby redownload something if i turn up the quality after the download happened?

And excuse this stupid question, but the shit I download sounds like mp3 to me, even if i changed the quality to Original afterwards which should be lossless. Is that because I downloaded on my phone?I just saw that when I execute a download on a computer up front it instantly asks me about the wanted quality but I haven't tried and there is no way to verify because Emby doesn't show file info for music.

Ok Ok, but now for the proposal :

I wish we could set global download settings for audio (music) and video downloads per used device. When you need to change them for a specific download, just change them globally.

This goes hand in hand with my wish of naming the conversion options in terms that fit their respective field. I work in audio and have no idea why a music file should be 1.5 Mbps (too high, a .wav is 1411 kbit/s and this is the lowest conversion) and this also does not give any information about the file that gets created when I download something (mp3, flac, mp4?). Very nice would be the option to choose a fileformat and/or an appropriate bitrate for the finished download, this would at least give you a hint what you just downloaded.

The same goes for video. I am by no means an expert on this field but the name of codecs or resolutions give me something to work with, something I understand because I am used to it. 8Mbps don't.

I saw in the knowledge base that at some point there were options like high, medium, for quality. It's nice that you changed those options to numbers, because the aforementioned terms can mean anything and nothing. But for a network potatohead like me it is a bit hard to interprete what "so and so many" mbps mean and I think terms from the world of their medium would explain better what a certain quality option does to the file.

As always, please correct me if I missunderstood something.

All the best!



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If you create a new download at different quality, then it will download it again.

In the app settings you can set the music download quality.

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