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The difference between emby and kodi about BDMV folder‘s *.nfo file location

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For Blu-ray movies in the form of folders, emby’s nfo files are located in the outer folder, while other software such as kodi are located in the BDMV folder. The difference in the location of their nfo files makes them not universal, which is very inconvenient. I cannot use emby's nfo file in other soft.

Is there a way to make emby's nfo files stored in the BDMV folder by default。




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4 minutes ago, Luke said:

Putting it in the Blu-ray bdmv folder, is that really a good idea?

I don't think so, but it may be that kodi appeared earlier than emby. Some media players with poster walls app, such as Zidoo, are compatible with kodi nfo files.

Emby app For example, Android TV does not support Blu-ray format play well, and can not use the excellent playback software that comes with the player. It can only use kodi, vlc, etc. as external players, but the Blu-ray format does not work.

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