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Subtitles out of sync


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Hi guys,

Loving the work you’ve done.

Is there any update on the discussion around the subtitle delay setting?

My subs are fine, they play correctly in VLC locally.

But when I cast to my tv, all subs play ahead of audio by 4 or 5 seconds.

If anyone has any input that’d be appreciated too.

But yeah keen to hear what’s happening with the prospect of subtitle delay settings.


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I have reported that recently.  It happens when transcoding.  I found I could fix it by going to the transcoding settings in the dashboard and clearing the checkbox at the bottom for "Allow subtitle extraction on the fly" which I previously had set (I had to play something different to test it, because the incorrect data seemed to be cached for a while).

For me this only became a problem in a recent beta.  It would be useful to know what version of the server you are using, and indeed whether what I've done fixes it for you as well.


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On 03/09/2020 at 02:46, Luke said:

That would be great, thanks !

So I've added new media to the library with accompanying subs.

All play in sync.

It seems to be podnapsi subs that play out of sync.

Also I dont know why but opensubs isnt connecting.

I've created an account and associated it in the server settings.

I forget what i was watching the other night, all subs were playing 5 seconds ahead of audio.

I just played a few seconds to get you a log.

These subs are playing 5 seconds behind audio.


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6 hours ago, Luke said:

podnapsi doesn't have a hash matching feature like opensubtitles, so the fact that they're out of sync is not a huge surprise.

Ok no worries.

Any ideas why open subs isn't connecting?

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You're getting SSL Cert errors for opensubtitles, Addic7ed

The log is also showing thesubdb being fed hash codes like this http://api.thesubdb.com/?action=search&hash=CE6FC85DD06A3A5941734B0B223FD624 which return an error.

Please check your system date and time to make sure they are accurate.

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